liquid retention

5 Common Symptoms of Liquid Retention

Liquid retention is one of the conditions that most affects our current population. This metabolic condition is characterized by the abnormal accumulation of liquids in our tissues under the skin or in areas inside of our bodies. It occurs most…

5 Diuretic Infusions to Eliminate Liquids

The anti-inflammatory properties of some plant diuretic infusions help counteract the symptoms of liquid retention. This disorder, characterized by accumulating fluids in different bodily tissues, is related to high blood pressure, circulatory problems and some common ailments.

8 Common Causes of Uncomfortable Bloating

Are you experiencing uncomfortable bloating, but you don’t know what is causing it? Pay attention, because it may be a response to one of these eight possible causes. 1. Dehydration Dehydration can be one of the causes for liquid retention.…

7 Benefits of Daily Dry Brushing

Many women use dry brushing therapy. This is because they have discovered the multiple benefits they reap from dry brushing for just a few minutes every day. Plus, it’s an easy practice for both beauty and health.

How to Eliminate Excess Fluids in Under a Month

Some people tend to retain more fluids than others, while others suffer from fluid retention at times due to being overweight, pregnancy, heat, menopause, or other factors. No matter what the cause, here are some natural remedies that, if followed…