The Benefits of Hugs for Your Health

They connect us, they comfort us, they allow us to express our feelings, and they can make us feel on top of the world…there are lots of health benefits of hugs. Don’t ignore them. They’re like a psychological injection! Find…

5 Key Steps to Changing Prideful Ways

Changing prideful ways isn’t easy for the person who isn’t used to asking for forgiveness. They might mistake saying “sorry” for lowering themselves and loosing their dignity.

What Do We Usually Regret Before We Die?

Regret is something that many people who have been near to death have experienced. It’s a feeling of emptiness, of wanting to go back to have taken more advantage of the time we’ve lived. However, it seems that only when…

6 Reasons Why Crying is Healthy

Many people associate crying with being weak. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you cry, you vent and release repressed feelings. In addition, crying isn’t only for negative emotions – you may also cry out of happiness. Society…

How to Avoid Feeling Guilty for Everything

Guilt is a fairly common emotion in some people. If you believe that you could have done something better and you can’t stop thinking about it, if you continuously remember your errors, or you think that you always make mistakes,…

Repressing Your Feelings Increases Your Anxiety

Repressing your feelings can turn into torture. After all, emotions are there to be expressed, to see the light. They’re not there to be kept in. When you have anxiety problems, you may have a problem with your emotions. You don’t…

3 Feelings You Need to Avoid to Be Happy

How many times have you felt trapped by paralyzing feelings? There’s an infinite number of feelings that prevent you from being truly happy. Today, we’d like to take a detailed look at three of them.

I’m Too Sensitive

Are you an emotional sponge? To stop being so sensitive, you have to allow feelings to flow and not keep them inside. If you’re not able to, surround yourself with positive people so you only absorb the good.