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7 Sex Games to Try Out With Your Partner

Sex games are the perfect tool to put an end to sexual monotony that often affects married life. Although it’s inevitable to have certain habits when it comes to sex, innovating and seeking new incentives can help you have more…

How to Practice Rimming, or the “Black Kiss”

The “black kiss” or rimming, also known as anilingus, is the stimulation of the anus with the tongue and the mouth. It’s a sexual practice that has been taboo for years, but these days many people are daring to talk…

5 Home Remedy Aphrodisiacs and Their Effects

Currently, there is no strong scientific evidence that supports home remedy aphrodisiacs. Researchers are quick to point out the lack of formal studies that back their effectiveness. In fact, they’ve even warned that some of these products are potentially poisonous.

5 Fun Places You Should Have Sex

Regardless of how often or the number of times you’ve done it, there is always an insatiable desire to keep having sex…and to do so in some new, fun locations.

6 Most Exciting and Pleasurable Sex Positions

What would sex be like without the sensuality of different sex positions? Surely it would just be a terribly exhausting and boring activity and it would seem a lot less attractive. Enjoyment and pleasure go hand in hand with creativity…

How to Help Her Get that Orgasm

Do you know what the Greek word kleitoris means? It means: little mountain. What we know as the clitoris actually comes from the word kleitoris. In other words, it’s an organ that can bring immense pleasure to a woman.

5 Reasons Why Sex Doesn’t Satisfy You

You’ve just had sex. Your partner is tired and lying down next to you looking satisfied. Everything went as planned – the both of you did everything possible to satisfy each other. However, the person next to you just reached…