The 5 Most Common Signs of Autism

Autism is a neurobiological development disorder also known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Signs of autism usually manifest themselves in the first three years of life and last for their entire life.

5 Key Steps to Changing Prideful Ways

Changing prideful ways isn’t easy for the person who isn’t used to asking for forgiveness. They might mistake saying “sorry” for lowering themselves and loosing their dignity.

Is My Child a Psychopath?

Does your child not empathize with the other children? Does he manipulate someone around him? It could be that your child is a psychopath without you realizing it. Child psychopathy is a disorder characterized by a lack of empathy and…

5 Characteristics of Empathetic People

Empathetic people have the ability to put themselves in other people’s shoes. In other words, they can see things from other people’s point of view. Empathy is a useful social tool for the environment you live in. With empathy, you…

The 5 Keys to Respect in Relationships

We shouldn’t take respect for granted in any relationship. Respect in relationships has to be earned every day. We need to care for it mutually with the true desire of two people who understand that to love is, above all else,…

I’m Too Sensitive

Are you an emotional sponge? To stop being so sensitive, you have to allow feelings to flow and not keep them inside. If you’re not able to, surround yourself with positive people so you only absorb the good.