5 Tips to Make Your Relationship Last

These are tough times for couples. Family life is turning more complex, and work is becoming more absorbing. Besides, there may be big differences between what you expected and what you’ve found. Therefore, each day is both a challenge and…

Can Crying During Pregnancy Affect Your Baby?

During pregnancy, women are more sensitive to external factors. Consequently, crying during pregnancy becomes habitual during the gestation process. This usually causes future mothers to worry since it could affect the baby. Therefore, it’s important to know how crying affects…

Fire Breathing in Yoga: 6 Benefits

Pranayama is a breathing technique in yoga. It’s composed of various breathing exercises that complement the asanas, or positions, of each yoga modality. Fire breathing is one of these pranayamas and has multiple benefits for the body. One of the most important…

5 Exercises to Control Our Emotions

Emotions are a topic that we might not all be ready to face. After all, nobody taught us how to control our emotions or how to deal with them.  However, thanks to these emotion exercises, facing them will be easier. In…

Emotionally Distressed People Need Hope

An emotionally distressed person may suffer from depression, anxiety, or feel a sadness they simply can’t get over. They don’t feel well and hopelessness is their daily bread. Therefore, your duty is making them feel hope again.

How to Overcome an Emotional Break-Up

All of us have gone through an emotional break-up at one point or another. However, it’s still a really tough and difficult experience. In this article, we’re going to reveal how to overcome an emotional break-up in the best way possible.

Can You Overcome Sadness with Natural Foods?

Did you know that you can overcome sadness naturally by means of diet and some natural remedies such as Bach flowers or essential oils? Discover how to feel full of joy, energy and optimism again without having to turn to medication. 

What is Cotard’s Syndrome?

Cotard’s syndrome is a mental disorder in which the person thinks that she or he is dead without being so. It’s a type of delusion that is also known as nihilistic delusion or denial. It is very rare, but some cases…