5 Diuretic Infusions to Eliminate Liquids

The anti-inflammatory properties of some plant diuretic infusions help counteract the symptoms of liquid retention. This disorder, characterized by accumulating fluids in different bodily tissues, is related to high blood pressure, circulatory problems and some common ailments.

An Onion Remedy to Cleanse Your Kidneys

Your kidneys are the organs in charge of filtering toxins from your blood. It’s a complex detoxification process that ends with urinating. Keeping your kidneys working well is a major part of overall health since it keeps your electrolytes and other nutrients balanced,…

Why Detox Drinks are Good for Losing Weight

Lately, being in shape and having a healthy lifestyle has turned into a worldwide trend. Now, many people are saying yes to a healthier lifestyle and are learning to take care of their body, stay away from excess and enjoy daily exercise.

8 Signs You Need to Detox Your Body

Every day, your body is exposed to a wide variety of toxins. They can come from your food, the environment, or other metabolic processes. Your excretory system is designed to filter the toxins out of your bloodstream, but when it gets overloaded,…

Remedies That Purify Your Liver Quickly

The liver is one of the most important organs in your body. It has the great ability to regenerate itself, but is also one of the organs that suffers most due to poor diet, toxic habits and negative emotions. This…