5 Natural Recipes to Reduce Bloating

Abdominal distention is characterized by causing a feeling of being excessively full, in addition to bloating, flatulence and other common symptoms of indigestion. However, you can reduce bloating naturally. It usually appears after we eat meals that are too big and…

11 Little-Known Benefits of Consuming Cilantro

An herb widely used in Europe, cilantro gives food a very distinct flavor. It’s also incorporated into Chinese, Indian, Latin American, and Turkish cuisine. Aside from its culinary properties, it’s also good for your health. Discover 11 little-known benefits of…

Little Known Facts about Cilantro

Cilantro, which has a scientific name of Coriandrum sativum, is of unknown origin. However, some research suggests that this traditional plant could have come from northern Africa. In this article, we’ll share little known facts about cilantro with you.