Table Centerpiece: Inexpensive DIY Ideas

August 4, 2019
A table centerpiece is a must when it comes to decorating for special occasions. Today we'd like to show you some ideas to do at home using all sorts of materials.

If you’re planning a little get together in your home in the upcoming weeks, then this article on how to make a table centerpiece is just what you need!

We’re about to give you some ideas on how to make an inexpensive, original and beautiful table centerpiece for every occasion. Best of all, you can make them yourself with materials you may already have at home!

How to Make a Table Centerpiece

All it takes to decorate a house is a little creativity and ingenuity. For the most part, you can make a lot of things with items you may already have at home.

Below, discover a few ideas on how to make a table centerpiece for every occasion. Pick the one you like best and have fun with it!

1. Watering Can with Flowers

A centerpiece made with a watering can.

Are you looking for a colorful and natural table centerpiece? Then go ahead and make this one.

A watering can with some flowers inside is all you need to make your table look great. Use large, colorful flowers to give it a country style.

2. A Jar with Flowers and Rope

Don’t throw away the jars you have around your house. This centerpiece simply involves filling them with water and adding some flowers to them.

In addition, you can use a rope to decorate the mouth of the jar. It’s a beautiful and easy way to make a table centerpiece!

3. A Table Centerpiece with Whatever is in Your Pantry

Do you have rice, beans and any other seeds in your pantry? Fill a jar with any of the ingredients you like best. For example, pour the rice and then the seeds.

That way, you’ll end up with a colorful layered effect. Add some flowers to it, and voila – a beautiful centerpiece!

4. Flowers in a Cup

A vase made with a coffee cup.

The guests are about to arrive and you don’t have a centerpiece. Don’t worry: just place an interesting cup with a saucer on the table and add a bouquet of flowers inside!

Think of all the unused cups you may have at home. They’re all great for making all sorts of centerpieces!

5. Ultra-Simple Table Centerpiece

Another one of our favorite inexpensive centerpieces is merely a wine glass or a tall cup with a single pretty flower inside. Not only is it minimalistic, but also quite beautiful.

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6. Fruits to Decorate

How about a centerpiece using fruits? This style is perfect for fall get-togethers and you can do it in less than two minutes.

To make it, get a tray or basket and place any fruit you may have at hand on it. Then, you can even add some flowers or grass or pine needles or whatever you feel looks nice!

7. Shoes: An Original Table Centerpiece

Do you have any high heels you no longer wear?

Fill them with foliage and flowers. You’ll see how easily you can make a unique table centerpiece that will most certainly be a conversation piece.

8. Bottles with Flowers

Centerpieces made with bottles.

Simple bottles filled with water and tall flowers are perfect as decoration. They’ll add a classy style to a meal.

9. Make a Table Centerpiece with Floating Candles

We can’t leave out candles in this selection of inexpensive table centerpieces.

Get the floating kind and then add them to a jar with water. Place some flowers inside the jar (fully immersed). The candle should be on the surface of the water. It’s a very beautiful centerpiece.

10. Stones and Candles

For this one,  you’ll also need a jar. Select one with a wide mouth so you can decorate the interior. Then, place some pretty stones inside of it. You can choose whether you want to paint them or not or if you want a candle in the middle.

You can make an alternative version by adding a tall candle, a thick candle, and a small candle.

11. A Watermelon with Flowers is a Great Table Centerpiece

Have you eaten watermelon recently? Don’t throw away the rind, especially if it’s in one piece!

Just place some long-stemmed flowers inside of it and you’ll have a beautiful table centerpiece.

However, don’t worry too much if the pieces are smaller – you can use them all the same. For example, you can nail flowers with short stems in the rinds and you’ll have a highly original flowered boat.

12. A Vase with Lemons

A centerpiece made with lemons.

Another great idea for making a simple, inexpensive table centerpiece is to use what you already have at home, like a round vase. Don’t hesitate to fill it with lemons (or oranges, or limes or whatever else you have at home). Then, add some flowers as a final touch. You can cut the lemons or use them whole.

Have you tried decorating with lemons? They give a fresh and harmonious touch to the environment. You’ll love this centerpiece!

13. A Cup with a Candle

We personally love this idea due to its simplicity.

All you need here is a glass of wine and a small candle. Then, turn the cup over and place the candle on the base. You can’t get more original and simple than that!

14. Decorative Straws

Perhaps you still have some colored straws at home from your child’s last birthday party. Well, this is the time to use them!

  • Just take a jar or a glass, measure the height and cut them to that size.
  • Then, place them inside the jar and add some flowers around them.
  • The straws will then cover the entire surface of the jar.
  • Finally, a rope or a ribbon will give them the final touch.

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15. A Cage with Flowers

Do you have any old birdcages at home? If so, take advantage of them.

Just place some flowers inside. (It’s OK if the flowers and the leaves stick out.) If you leave the gate open you won’t just have a table centerpiece, but an ode to freedom!

16. Pears in Tray

For this centerpiece, take an oval platter and place some pine needles on it. Then, add three or four pears. Finally, give it the final touch by adding grapes or other small, colorful fruit.

17. Sticks and Flowers

Finally, here’s an opportunity to go out for a walk with your children!

When you do, gather some sticks. Then, make a bunch with them and then insert some flowers between the branches. Finally, secure them all with a rope or a ribbon so they’re free-standing.

As you can see, you can make a simple table centerpiece with practically anything you may have at home. The most important thing is that you let your creativity flow!