Symptoms of Heart Attacks in Women

· May 31, 2015

Symptoms of heart attacks in women can differ from those of men, and you should know what signs to look for. So keep reading!

You should be aware that symptoms of heart attacks in women are distinctively different than those in men. The death rate of women who suffer from heart attacks is on the rise. Sometimes it is disguised as fatigue, along with pain you can’t pinpoint… it’s worth it to read more on this subject for your health and safety.

Symptoms of heart disease in women

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Forget the standard image of a man holding his arm or grasping at his chest during a heart attack. New studies have been published in “British Columbia” magazine, which tell us that heart attacks occur in 19% of women, compared to just 13.7% of men. That says something.

Women can have symptoms that don’t call a lot of attention, and we don’t take them seriously. We are oftentimes more concerned for our family members’ well being than our own. Be careful, and review these symptoms to watch out for.

1. Chest pressure

Sometimes you may feel a burning sensation in your chest, and pressure that causes fatigue. You may confuse it with anxiety, which can happen on occasion due to the stress in our daily lives. If you feel this symptom every day, however, it’s time for a check-up. In men, it almost always starts as pressure starting in the chest, then radiating to the arm and causing a tingling sensation; but in women it is centralized in the chest.

2. Acute pain in the upper body: neck, back, jaw

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This localized symptom can be pain in both arms, your back, shoulders, neck, jaw, or the upper part of the stomach (no lower than the navel). Complicated, right? We would normally write these off as normal aches and pains, or even osteoporosis, which is common in women as well. Some women, however, make the mistake of minimalizing this pain and taking an anti-inflammatory to treat it.

3. Extreme fatigue and shortness of breath

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One fact to keep in mind is that it’s normal for men to feel small symptoms while exerting themselves physically. They could be working, then all of a sudden their arm goes numb, or they feel like they can’t breathe. But in women, it’s different; it’s likely for a woman to experience a heart attack while sitting or resting, even sleeping. The attack can occur more swiftly during periods of rest than during activity. Don’t forget, if you feel more fatigued than usual, or if you feel abnormal pain or pressure in your chest, get it checked out. Take notice when climbing stairs, if you feel like you are exerting a lot of energy, shortness of breath, accompanied by chest pressure, go to the doctor immediately.

Another thing to remember: men can suffer fainting spells when there is a cardiac problem. Women, on the other hand, have little symptoms and we are shocked to find out what is really happening.

4. Stomach ache

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Another symptom to watch out for is a heavy feeling in the stomach. Whatever you eat makes you feel worse and you suffer from acid reflux, which then results in vomiting. It’s easy to confuse these symptoms with other, less serious conditions. If this pain is accompanied by cold sweats, it likely a heart problem. You will tire quickly, shake, and have bad stomach pains.

The biggest problem in women is that they often relate the symptoms to something else – usually stress or normal tummy troubles. Be aware, if you’re more tired than normal or short of breath, give your doctor a call.