What Are the Symptoms of Gallbladder Stones?

· August 16, 2014

The majority of people who suffer from gallbladder stones have some sort of symptoms, however, a few people have been known to live for years with stones without having felt anything at all.  When these symptoms come on suddenly, they are oftentimes confused with indigestion.

That’s why we want to teach you today about the symptoms, so you will have some idea of how to detect them, and what to do to treat them.  This should help you avoid any complications that could require emergency surgery.

Gallbladder stones are especially prone to forming due to excess cholesterol or bilirubin in the bile, which are some of the most common causes.

What are the symptoms?

  • Strong pain in the right hand side of the thorax.
  • Pain extending to the back or the right shoulder.
  • Fairly severe abdominal pain (biliary cramps).
  • Repeated and heavy vomiting.
  • Excess gas.
  • Painful inhalation.
  • High fever and sweats.

Nearly 80% of people who have gallbladder stones don’t know it, because they don’t present with any symptoms, making them asymptomatic gallbladder stones.

I strongly recommend that if you have any of these symptoms with any sort of regularity, and growing intensity, you are probably suffering from gallbladder stones and you should seek medical attention immediately, before suffering any complications.

Also, remember what we always say: it is much better to prevent than to cure, especially in this case.  With this condition, you could have an emergency at any moment, and your gallbladder could give out.  This could cause extremely terrible cramps that would require the patient to undergo immediate and urgent surgery.

It is also quite possible that the organ could be so full that you run the risk of it rupturing or clogging, which is more common with this condition.  This is a fairly dangerous situation that, if proper treatment is not received, it could put the patient’s life at risk.

Lastly, if you no longer simply suspect this, but have actually been diagnosed with gallbladder stones, you must follow your doctor’s orders to a T.  You need to follow a very controlled diet so as to avoid complicated situations while you are waiting for surgery.  During surgery they will remove these painful stones that are causing your poor state of health. Rest assured, this surgery will leave you as good as new, and if you are judicious and follow all your doctor’s orders, everything will turn out right, and you won’t have any sort of problem.