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Swimming: A Whole Body Workout

Swimming: A Whole Body Workout

Last update: 23 November, 2018

Swimming works muscles in all parts of your body. However, it’s not an activity that many people choose. A lot of people opt for the gym or group exercise classes.

The reason could be that not all gyms have pools, and some people don’t know how to swim. However, once you see the benefits of swimming, none of that will matter to you anymore!

Swimming, a whole body workout

Swimming could be considered the best exercise because it works all parts of your body. You work out your legs just as much as your core and arms. Other sports and exercises are good for your body, of course. However, swimming practically combines the best of them all. Check out a few of them:


Swimming is cardio.

Swimming, just like walking, running, or riding a bike, raises your heart rate, builds endurance, and makes your heart and lungs healthier. The benefits of cardio:

  • Better breathing.
  • More endurance in everyday activities, like going up the stairs.
  • Weight loss. It’s great if you want to shed a few pounds.
  • Muscle tone. Swimming helps you lose weight and tone your body at the same time.

Low-impact Exercise

Running is an example of a high-impact activity. High-impact means that it’s easier for you to get hurt. However, that doesn’t happen with swimming.

When swimming, your body is supported by the water. It’s a gentle workout, so if you’re prone to injury, swimming would be an excellent option for you.

Perfect for People with Back Pain

Swimmer about to start a race.

If you’ve ever had back problems, your doctor might have recommended that you swim. The reason is that it’s a low-impact sport that works your core. 

If you have scoliosis, for example, swimming can help alleviate your pain. It’s even great for kids and preventing it from getting worse. We highly recommend swimming if you have back problems.

Better Coordination

Are you uncoordinated? Something as simple as lifting your right hand and left foot at the same time, then switching and lifting the other two can be really hard for some people. But swimming can help you practice coordination.

  • Swimming doesn’t only help you coordinate your arms and legs, but also your breathing. It may seem difficult at first, but with practice everything gets much easier.
  • Over time and without even realizing it, you will be able to coordinate your body’s movements much more fluidly.

Swimming Is Fun

A swimmer in the pool.

Another great thing about swimming is that it’s fun! Trying something new can be a big motivation too. And who doesn’t love going to the pool or beach?

We’d like to encourage you to try swimming, even if it’s new to you and you’ve never tried it before. You’ll learn breathing techniques and you’ll build resistance for the next time you go to the beach.

You might even find out that you like swimming so much that you’d want to compete. Have you ever tried swimming? If so, we would love to hear your personal experiences!