To the Strong, Independent Women Out There: Don't Change

A man who speaks out is brave. But a woman who speaks out and doesn’t submit is considered nasty and bitter. It's time for this to change. Let your voice be heard and don't be afraid to be a strong, independent woman.
To the Strong, Independent Women Out There: Don't Change

Last update: 04 May, 2022

Today, strong, independent women still face many challenges.

We can still see the cracks that trace back to patriarchal societies, even though there have been many advances in equality. In fact, we can see many negative attitudes and reactions towards women that catch our attention on a daily basis.

Strong, independent women stand up to the world. Because of this, many people look down upon them. Women with strong, balanced emotions are tagged as egotistical. They value their liberty, ability to make decisions, to react, and to fight for a goal.

However, many unfortunately still think that these people “will always walk alone.” Some even see that these aren’t the virtues that can make for a happy relationship.

Independent Women

There are many roots that still feed this fraudulent inequality. Sometimes, you can even find other women feeding it.

Believe it or not, there are some women who still look down upon their independent counterparts. They speak against those who choose their own path: the women who don’t follow the crowd and who are able to create change and break stereotypes.

We should all be free to make our own decisions to pick our own path with out being judged.

Men and women both have the right to challenge the way things are. We all should be allowed to have a strong character and fight for our dreams.

This is because the key to living together peacefully is always respect regardless of gender, social position, or ideologies.

Today, we want you to think about this.

The Characteristics of a Strong Woman

Strong, independent women aren’t made in a day. Their resilience is a result of their entire life and their reaction to challenges. These allow them to slowly mold herself.

Celebrated anthropologist Helen Fisher helps us understand this in her book The First Sex. She writes that women are not just the result of their social context and a personal touch. Instead, their evolution stems from something deeper and more delicate.

According to Fisher, women aren’t the second sex, like many chauvinists would say. And they probably didn’t come from the rib taken from Adam, either.

Fisher then uses science to explain:

  • Biologically, women are the primary, default gender. This is because you have to add chemicals to an embryo to make it male.
  • There is an internal voice that has been calling women to wake up and earn more respect a little more each day.
  • Our genetics shape us. The social aspect is instilled in us, but over time, these cause new internal awakenings that define us more each time. They happen step by step, one stage at a time.
Independent Women

There are some women who live a life of submission. This makes it hard for them to reach the step of fullness and personal expression. These are women who submit themselves to the patriarchal yoke. There, they become one of the patriarchy.

Make Your Voice Heard, Even if Your Voice is Criticized

“Where did she get that character? She must be nasty and bitter.”

This phrase shows something deeper than a lack of respect. It also reveals a chauvinistic mindset. After, certain behaviors reflect certain qualities.

A man who speaks out is brave. But a woman who uses her voice and anger and doesn’t submit is considered nasty and bitter. Why is this?

  • This is due to the classic mindset of a male-dominated society.
  • In this society, women are expected to be complacent and caring.

Sometimes, people say phrases like this without thinking. It’s time to start thinking about our words and what they represent.

Women, like men, have the full right to a strong character. They should be able to fight for their dreams with respect, achieve their goals, and challenge the old mindsets.

Wild Women

Few books are more interesting for “waking us up” to the call to challenge society like Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype By Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

Independent Women

In this fantastic essay, Estés delves deep into the cultural roots of “wild women” throughout history. Without a doubt, it defines what it means to be a real, powerful woman.

Every wild woman goes through personal development that extends from the deepest part of her being to who she is now.

Her challenges, fears, and suffering now make her the strong woman she is today.

Women have something special:

  • Our roots are intuition and creativity. We are capable of seeing farther than what surrounds us.
  • We listen to ourselves and connect with everything around us at the same time.
  • The stereotypes and roles past societies created for us cannot define us. Women are more than our ancestors.
  • And of course: women are not weak, impressionable, self-centered, bitter old maids.
Independent Women

The woman of todaycreates her own life.

Today’s strong, independent women want to change things, speak her mind, and make sure she earns the respect she deserves.

She lives in a way that is happy, balanced, and lines up with what she wants: whether she’s in a relationship or not.

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