Strengthen and Tone Your Glutes

· July 26, 2015

At the gym or at home, one of the most common exercises included in women’s exercise routines is aimed at toning and strengthening the glutes, for a firmer and more appealing look.

In this article, you’ll find exercises and advice on how to strengthen and tone your glutes; to keep them firm, round, strong and cellulite free.

 Contracting your glutes

If you think your bottom is the perfect size, but are looking for a way to shape and tone your glutes, start with a massage. You’d be surprised to find out that just like muscle tension in your shoulders, your glutenous maximus can hold tension from stress and emotions. A good massage will loosen tension and give your exercise routine a great starting point.

For an at-home massage, try targeting the center fleshy part of your glutes until you can feel the pressure near your pelvic bone. If this causes discomfort or pain, try a gentler pressure at first and then build up to a firmer pressure. Pain in that area will confirm muscle knots or tension that need to be worked out.

Do this before each workout session for five minutes on each glute.


Toning exercises

We recommend a daily exercise routine that includes a five-minute session of each of the following exercises to tone your glutes.

  1. Squats: Keep your legs hip-width apart, folding at the knee squat down as if you were going to sit down on a chair. Keep your spine straight and your back in good posture. Halt the squat before you knees pass over the tips of your toes and come back up. Keep your hands straight out in front of you as you squat and drop them as you lift up.
  2. Four feet: Drop to all fours on a mat or cushioned area to avoid damaging your knees. Keep your spine straight and horizontal to the ground, and tighten your abdominal muscles to ensure a steady posture. If this is uncomfortable, try starting with your forearms on the ground. Lift a leg straight out and pump up and down without touching the ground. Repeat with the other leg.
  3. Bridge: Lay flat on your back, and lift and fold your legs so your soles are flat on the ground hip-width apart. Keep your hands flat beside you. Slowly lift your body from the ground by tightening your glutes and abdominal muscles. Lift until you feel a stretch and drop slowly until your back rests on the ground again.
  4. Glute contractions: When you’re waiting in line, on the elevator or just standing around, try contracting and releasing your glutes to build tone. Squeeze your glutes and hold for five seconds and release. Repeat.

A firming technique

There is a simple at-home technique that you can do to promote firmness in your glutes, that will help improve the texture of the skin covering your bottom, eliminate cellulite and build shape. 

You’ll need to purchase a rounded cup with rubber lining (this technique is also known as ‘cupping’) which can be found in any store with Chinese medicine products, or that carry acupuncture products. You’ll also need a massage oil. We recommend almonds, olive or sesame oil or a hydrating cream that includes plenty of oil.

Apply the oil or moisturizer to one of your glutes and use the cup to create light suction and massage in  circular motion throughout the zone for at least five minute. Repeat with the other glute.

Exfoliation and hydration

While attending the musculature of your glutes, you shouldn’t ignore your skin. To give it a healthy and radiant appearance you have to care for it properly. To achieve that luminous look, exfoliate these areas every 10 days. Use sea salt in your baths to massage the area for a minute. Rinse with cold water to help promote firmness.

Hydrate your skin with a lotion that is made of natural or organic ingredients. If you have access to a moisturizer made of coconut oil, it makes a great alternative.

Images courtesy of Veganbakingnet.