How to Improve Your Memory with 7 Simple Exercises

· October 20, 2017
 Do you know how to improve your memory? It's easier than you think. Learn about 7 great exercises in this article!

Memory is a mental ability that allows us to learn, relate, and finish daily activities in life.

It is a complicated cerebral phenomenon that allows us to store and remember information– short, medium, and long-term. This makes it possible for us to do hundreds of tasks.

However, after years of use, its abilities decrease and, due to the changes the brain goes through, it can significantly deteriorate.

Because of this, the person starts to have difficulty remembering and, with time, can forget important information and relevant aspects of his life.

The most worrisome thing is that the problem can get worse gradually and, in serious cases, can turn into a disease like Alzheimer’s.

That is why you have to pay attention, maintain healthy life habits, and practice exercises that will strengthen your cerebral activity.

Discover 7 simple activities that will help you do just that.

1. Learn something new

Woman studying

Learning is a process that you can do at any point in your life and, although we ignore it, it is one of the best ways to train your memory and keep it strong.

It allows the brain to leave its comfort zone while also activating mental functions that usually turn themselves off when there are not any challenges to overcome. 

Because of this, in order to prevent the deterioration of this ability, try to challenge yourself by:

  • Learning a new language
  • Studying a new topic
  • Playing an instrument
  • Looking up facts that interest you

2. Memorize simple information

It is not necessary to learn complicated things in order to activate your mind.

The exercise of memorizing simple things is enough to strengthen your brain and its ability to take in and store information.

Try to memorize something new every day:

  • A telephone number
  • A birthday
  • A grocery shopping list
  • An address

Also, choose one of the days of the week to try to remember what you ate or how your workday was the days before.

3. Create mental maps

Woman thinking

Creating mental maps is a simple activity that challenges the brain while strengthening your ability to memorize.

Also, its practice is recommended for developing spatial intelligence.

  • It consists of drawing a map in your mind, for example, through visiting a new place.
  • Trace out the entire route and try to add all of the details that come along the way.

4. Memorize using acronyms or acrostics

Pastimes as simple as an acronym or acrostic can activate the functions of various parts of the brain. This helps to strengthen the abilities of the memory.

  • Try to strengthen the brain by designing an acrostic that adapts to a keyword that you have to remember

5. Use touchHand touching a coin

Visual information plays a very important role in the brain’s ability to distinguish one object from another.

Using touch allows you to identify subtle differences among elements. This activates and strengthens the cerebral areas that process important information.

This is why adults that lose their vision can distinguish the letters in braille, because the brain develops more ways to process touch.

  • A quick exercise consists of putting a coin in a bowl or purse and using only your sense of touch to determine which coin it is.

6. Work with your non-dominant hand

Have you ever tried to perform one of your daily tasks with your non-dominant hand? Was it difficult?

Although it is not as easy as doing it with your dominant hand, it is a very good exercise for maintaining a strong and active memory.

Using the opposite side of your brain, like you are doing in this activity, helps to expand the parts of the cerebral cortex that is in charge of processing information from the touch of your hand.

Try to do the following tasks with your opposite hand:

  • Writing
  • Brushing your teeth
  • Talking on the phone
  • Using a spoon

7. Listen to music

Girl listening to music

Something as simple and enjoyable as listening to music can serve as an exercise for your memory and can help you maintain good mental health.

This activity, especially when it includes classical melodies, improves your cerebral abilities, regardless of your age. 

The music stimulates the brain cells and helps you maintain optimal mental concentration, memory, and auditory development.

Are you worried about your memory? Do you feel like you are having trouble remembering things? Work to practice the mentioned exercises and you will constantly enjoy its benefits.