Stay Fit and Slim Throughout the Summer

To stay fit and slim throughout the summer it's important that we stay physically active. And let's not forget that our diet must include fresh food like fruits and vegetables, which will also keeps us hydrated and cool.
Stay Fit and Slim Throughout the Summer

Last update: 05 January, 2020

If you want to have a fit and slim, and toned body, you can resort to some of these tips to prevent weight gain during summer. This way, you  won’t have to worry about “operation biking” nor about being overly relaxed throughout the holidays.

How to Stay Fit and Slim During the Summer.

1. Exercise will help you stay fit and slim throughout the summer

First of all, if you don’t want to gain weight during the summer, you must learn to take advantage of the free time you have available. That is to say: resting and playing sports don’t have to be opposing concepts, even though it may seem that way. So, you can devote a few hours a week to exercise.

In fact, since you’ll have more free time than usual, you can do more extensive and complete exercise sessions. This will compensate for the higher calorie consumption that occurs during summer because you often eat out more often and also consume more soft drinks and junk food.

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2. Maintain proper hydration

Staying hydrated will help you stay fit and slim.

Second, remaining properly hydrated during summer is an essential key to not gaining weight throughout this period of time. Drink water often, and if you have the urge for soda, then opt for mineral water instead.

In addition, drinking water will often make you feel more full. Thus, you’ll be less tempted to eat ice cream or drink smoothies, which contain a lot of sugar calories.

In order to stay hydrated, which is very important during the hot summer months, you can always resort to carrying along a full bottle of water. This way, you’ll be able to drink more of it, even without thinking.

3. Don’t skip meals

This is essential advice for any healthy and balanced diet. Many people skip meals, such as breakfast, in order to lose weight more quickly. However, this practice is absolutely counterproductive, because skipping a meal makes your body less efficient.

By not skipping meals, your body will spend fewer calories throughout your daily routine, and thus you won’t have any kind of energy deficit.

The most appropriate thing to do if you don’t want to gain weight during the summer is, therefore, to respect your meals. You could, however, distribute the amounts of food you take daily into smaller portions to be eaten more frequently. That is, instead of eating three big meals a day, eat five or six smaller ones.

4. Add salads to your summer diet

Stay fit and slim by eating healthy.

Salads are particularly appetizing during summer, as they’re light and fresh. In addition, you can combine a lot of healthy nutrients in the form of fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, seeds, dry fruits, and even meats and fish.

As if that wasn’t tasty enough, you can also top them with homemade salad dressings and remain guilt-free if you opt for using good quality vinegar and olive oil as main ingredients. They’ll be very satisfying and low in calories. Salads are truly ideal for remaining fit and slim throughout the summer.

5. Eat fruit, but in moderation

Of course, fruit is very healthy and a recommended addition to any type of healthy, balanced diet. However, it’s important to consume it with moderation, as with everything.

Although it’s high in fiber and vitamins, fruit is also are high in sugar. Therefore, it contains a large calorie intake if you eat too much.

Some of the most appealing fruits during the summer are watermelon, cantaloupe, nectarines, and peaches.

6. Add vegetable proteins to your summer diet

Another good option for not gaining weight during the summer is to lower your consumption of fatty meats and seafood. This’ll allow you to reduce your consumption of fat without having to eat less.

In addition, it’s also important to replace some amounts of these foods with vegetables and legumes that are high in proteins. Always make sure you’re getting enough protein.

7. Eat healthy snacks

It’s very common to consume large quantities of salty snacks, industrial sweets, ice cream, and smoothies during the summer.

Thus, one suggestion to stay fit and slim during the summer is to opt for healthier snacks like veggies, seeds, nuts, and fruit, just to give a few examples. All these are quite delicious and much healthier than chips or ice cream.

With these tips, you can remain fit and slim during summer while still enjoying your well-deserved vacation – to a healthier extent. In fact, you can have the same amount of rest and, in addition, decrease the negative impact of your vacation in your body when you return to your routine!

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