Start Strengthening Your Immune System Naturally with Oyster Mushrooms

· May 10, 2017
Have you ever tried oyster mushrooms? Apart from being delicious, they're a great way to naturally boost your immune system. Learn more in this article!

There’s a natural, wonderful and effective way to strengthen your immune system that you may not know about and that you’ll love finding out about: eating oyster mushrooms.

This is one of the most healthy and nutritious fungi that nature has given us. They’re tasty, rich in vitamins and minerals, and also contain active substances with great antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Something that’s interesting about oyster mushrooms is that they’ve been used by eastern medicine as a natural antibiotic since ancient times. This means that they’re a type of food with medicinal properties which we can great dishes and rich recipes with.

It was not until the First World War that the Western world discovered its wonderful properties. Such properties included treating infections as well as being nutritious food in times of scarcity, need, and disease.

Our needs aren’t so extreme, in today’s society. However, we remain vulnerable: factors such as stress, anxiety or the constant hustle and bustle weaken our defenses day by day without us realizing it.

Try oyster mushrooms! They’re a natural alternative to classic vitamins you can find in the pharmacy. They’re also tasty and so powerful in terms of benefits that they’ll surprise you.

We’re going to talk about them in today’s article.

The immune system and your lifestyle


The immune system is intimately related to your lifestyle, and therefore, with the following aspects:

  • Your diet
  • Exercise
  • Your ability to manage stress
  • The number of hours you sleep

The quality of all these aspects has an impact on your immune defenses, and especially on the ability for your body to respond to diseases, infections, pathogens, allergies, and so on.

Something we all know is that we don’t always adequately pay attention to what we eat, that sometimes stress overwhelms us, and that our life is more sedentary than it should be.

Hence, we gradually get more tired  and become at a greater risk of suffering diabetes, arthritis or any other autoimmune disease.

We can’t forget that our immune system is composed of our skin, bone marrow, blood, thymus, lymphatic system, spleen, and so on. Taking care of these structures, organs, and tissues means looking after our health.

How oyster mushrooms can help us


Oyster mushrooms are today one of the most highly regarded mushrooms in Europe. In the coldest months of the year, you find them in the living and dead trunks of deciduous trees.

You can also grow them at home and can buy them in grocery stores. It doesn’t matter how you get them because you’re definitely not going to regret buying them. In fact, you’ll start noticing its wonderful effects day by day.

We’ll explain them to you below.

The healthiest mushroom for your body

  • Among the most valuable substances found in oyster mushrooms are polysaccharides.
  • Thanks to these elements we can stimulate the activity of macrophages. These are a type of white blood cell that is responsible for recognizing and attacking viruses, bacteria, and multiple pathogens.
  • Also, the β-glucans present in these mushrooms help to defend the body from infections and to strengthen our immunity during winter.

Reduce your bad cholesterol or LDL with oyster mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms contain lovastatin, a type of statin capable of reducing LDL (or bad cholesterol) cholesterol.

Furthermore, lovastatin prevents the development of atherosclerosis and multiple cardiovascular diseases.

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These mushrooms are rich in vitamins and minerals

Oyster mushrooms are fabulous for the whole family. They’re also great to eat when you feel anxious or even when you’re recovering from some disease, and are very nutritious.

  • They contain vitamins B, D, C, and K, as well as unsaturated fatty acids (omega – 3,6,7,9) and bioflavonoids.
  • In addition, they’re rich in iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, and iodine.
  • You’ll also like to know that the oyster mushrooms contain fungus fiber. This makes probiotic bacteria proliferate much more to take care of our digestion and intestinal health.

We also can’t forget that probiotics are essential for strengthening the immune system. Amazingly, this benefit is even great in oyster mushrooms because its live bacteria create a prebiotic-probiotic double effect. This is essential to increase its antibacterial power.

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What’s the best way to eat oyster mushrooms?


You can find oyster mushrooms in many forms at supermarkets. For example, they could be processed, canned, or combined in pre-cooked dishes.

However, the best way to consume oyster mushrooms is in their whole form. Only then will you get all of its active ingredients mentioned to benefit from a synergistic, lasting, and exceptional effect.

To conclude, there are many ways to take care of our immune system, but one essential is through food, and oyster mushrooms can help.

Don’t hesitate to include them in your meals– you’ll love them.