Speeding Up Your Metabolism, One of the Best Options When You Want to Lose Weight

09 May, 2018
Substituting soda and other fizzy drinks for cold water is a great way to accelerate your metabolism. This is because your body will use more energy to recover its temperature.

There’s a lot of talk when it comes to the best options for losing weight. Some people think it’s best to refrain from eating, or to follow strict diets. Others follow a diet regime provided by a nutritionist. In this article you can find a fun and easy option to consider the alternatives above which end up accelerating your metabolism.

This is a good option because it reteaches your body to regulate itself without having any risks or dying of hunger. Sounds interesting? Is it something you’d like to try? If so, give these metabolism accelerating options a try and become healthier today with less effort.

What is your metabolism?

Before we discuss how to accelerate your metabolism, it’s important to understand what it’s all about. Your metabolism is the combination of chemical reactions occurring in your body when you keep yourself active.

The speed of these reactions will determine how many calories you burn.  When you have a fast metabolism it burns more energy. Therefore, there are less fat deposits and you will lose weight faster.

Eat enough protein


The simplest way to speed up your metabolism is by giving your body nutritious food that makes it work to break food down.  The best choices are foods that have a thermal effect, such as protein.

Proteins contain minimum fats,  and require work for the body to process them. As a result, you feel fuller for longer and make your body work harder.

The way this happens is by consuming good quality proteins . If possible, eat lean meats and organic seeds without any preservatives. It’s has been proven that it’s possible for you to eat 441 calories less by eating 30% more protein.

Drink enough cold water

What usually quenches your thirst? Sadly, most people choose soft drinks and other sugary drinks containing chemicals. If you’re one of these people, you should know that you’re sabotaging your weight loss and slowing down your metabolism.

Drink enough cold water

All drinks which contain chemicals or sugars provide calories which affect the body. To speed up your metabolism you should change any of your usual drinks for a glass of cold water.

This will immediately accelerate your metabolism because your body will require more energy to re-stabilize its temperature. However, the effect isn’t permanent. Once your body recovers its temperature, your metabolism goes back to its normal state.

The trick lies in drinking cold water all the time. Don’t worry about the temperature. Your body will quickly adapt to it and you’re not going to catch a cold or any other illness.

Do high-intensity exercise

high-intensity exercise

You already know you need to do daily exercise to stay healthy. However, not all physical exercise works to speed up your metabolism. The best types of exercise to do is  high-intensity intervals.

These speed up the ability to burn fats and your metabolism stays accelerated even after you’ve finished. Of course,  this could be difficult for some people because they’re not in good physical shape.

So, why don´t you challenge yourself and give it a try? If you don’t want to do it every day, at least try it a couple times a week. The rest of the time you can do lighter forms of exercise. Even better, you could do 5 minutes of high-intensity exercise into a 30-minute daily routine. You’ll soon see that your stamina gradually increases.

Avoid staying seated all the time

How many hours do you spend sitting down? The truth is that most people spend many hours sitting down. Although it might be very comfortable, your health demands constant activity.

If your work is very demanding, at least try to do it on your feet for a few hours. To begin with it might seem strange, but it’s a good idea to speed up your metabolism. Another option is to stand up every half an hour and do some stretches for 2 to 5 minutes.

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