Speed Up Your Metabolism and Lose Weight Easily

Although it's important to stay active to speed up your metabolism, it's also essential to get enough rest at night, around eight hours, so that our cyrcadian rhythms don't get out of control.
Speed Up Your Metabolism and Lose Weight Easily

Last update: 20 May, 2020

In this article we will explain why speeding up your metabolism can help you lose weight easily, as well as how to achieve this with simple, natural remedies.

It’s likely that you’ve heard about metabolism on many occasions. But, maybe you don’t know exactly what it is. The metabolism is a set of physical and chemical processes in our body that are related to the use of energy and other functions like digestion, breathing, temperature and circulation.

Metabolism and weight loss

Our base metabolism is the one that regulates the burning of calories in our body. Therefore, when it doesn’t work correctly it can make us put on or lose weight easily, independently of what we eat.

This explains the fact that some people gain weight despite eating very little, while others always stay slim even when eating large quantities of food.

The good news is that some natural remedies and advice can help us to balance the metabolism without altering the rest of the functions in our body, which will have effects on our weight, temperature, digestion, etc.

It will also help us to prevent metabolic illnesses like thyroid disorders or diabetes.

How to speed up your metabolism to lose weight easily

1. Drink water

Woman drinking water

This simple habit, which all doctors recommend and we often find so hard to achieve, is an excellent metabolism accelerator.

  • Drinking small, repeated sips of water throughout the day, from when you get up, on an empty stomach, to when you go to bed, will help maintain a stable metabolism in your body.
  • It will also help you cleanse toxins and prevent the accumulation of liquids.

If you find it difficult to drink water, you can add a little lemon juice and some drops of stevia, and drink it hot or cold depending on what you feel like. Put the bottle next to you and this way you won’t forget.

2. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle

The worst enemy of our metabolism is being sedentary, which sinks our body into a continuous passive state. Office jobs and the hours we spend in front of the TV or computer have made this situation worse.

  • Set yourself the goal of getting up from your chair every 30 to 40 minutes for a couple of minutes to do some stretches or run an errand.
  • Although it may seem insignificant, this will have general positive effects on your metabolism and on your health in general.
  • We must also not forget to do medium or high intensity exercise two or three times a week.

3. Rest well

Woman sleeping

During the day, we should stay active and in movement. At night the time comes to lie down. We need enough nighttime, high-quality rest.

Our body follows some biorhythms defined by sunlight. So, our rhythm should slow down from sunset to then reactivate at dawn.

  • If you suffer from insomnia or you wake up tired in the mornings, you should do relaxation or meditation practices. Plan these at least an hour before going to bed.
  • Try to distance yourself from all kinds of electronic devices. After all, these alter the nervous system and make nighttime rest difficult.

4. Eat several times a day

Many nutritionists recommend eating smaller quantities several times a day. Although this recommendation isn’t necessarily right for everyone, people who suffer from slow base metabolism can benefit from this piece of advice.

  • Have 5 meals a day, with nutritious and satisfying foods, but without getting over-full.
  • These foods, along with the water we should be drinking on an empty stomach, will keep our metabolism constant over the course of the day.

5. Condiment your food with spices

Spices to lose weight easily

Culinary spices are excellent natural metabolism activators, and they have many other properties. We recommend eating the following spices every day:

  • Cayenne pepper: one of the best remedies to stimulate the body, it promotes the production of gastric juices, and helps generate body heat and burn more calories.
    • You should start eating cayenne pepper little by little so that it doesn’t irritate the digestive tract. Start with a pinch and build up the quantity progressively.
  • Ginger: stimulant, diuretic and good for the digestion. It’s ideal for seasoning meats, fish and desserts, as well as smoothies and lemonade.
  • Cinnamon: the most medicinal variety is ceylon cinnamon. It’s a stimulant and aphrodisiac, it’s has potential benefits for the digestion and may even help to improve circulation.
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