Being Strange is Sometimes the Aftereffect of Being Great

· November 9, 2016
How many times without knowing exactly what it means has someone called you “strange?” This is something that happens to exceptional people, so don’t be afraid to live outside the box

Brilliance isn’t too common in today’s world. This is because above all people lack bravery, rather than skill.

The person who dares to be somewhat weird, who enjoys each moment the way they are, achieves true authenticity.

No doubt you also know someone who has a very unusual style. They don’t care if they go against the trends – they just keep walking, making decisions for themselves, while others might view their choices as crazy.

These people are admirable, brave, and free. In fact, it’s possible that you’re already one of them. But if you feel this urge inside you and haven’t yet dared to follow it, we suggest you try putting the change in motion.

Dare to be that strange person that your soul wishes to be. Dare to be great every day of your life.

Being strange in a society that wants us all to be the same

It’s curious to see that we live in the age that sociologists and anthropologists have classified as the “society of knowledge.”

Our technological and scientific advances have made extraordinary progress and no doubt have changed many of our life habits. Human values and relationships, however, have been secondary to these advances.

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Basic values like solidarity, respect, and tolerance can be almost conspicuous in their absence.

We fear the “others” who come from a foreign country, those who dare to speak out against an ideology, a power structure, or a common way of thinking.

We live in a reality where the way you dress is more valued than who you are. This has been explained many times over by a concept derived by Zygmunt Bauman, a renowned sociologist who defined ours as a “liquid society.”

  • Most people are dominated by emotional consumerism and materialism. We barely take the time to meet people we come into contact with; speedy relationships and momentary pleasures are the norm.
  • Being different creates strangeness and suspicion because it’s not the norm and doesn’t fit into the model of society that says we shouldn’t leave our comfort zones and instead be guided by trends, what others decide, and what we consume.

Dare to be different and break the ties that bind you

There are many children who sit in the back of the classroom and watch their classmates with a mixture of sadness and incomprehension.

  • It’s possible that these exceptional children have been called “strange.” It could be that their capabilities are so notable that even their teachers have recognized this and think that they’re just lazy or troublemakers.
  • There have been many people in our society who were called “weird” when in reality they were or are great.

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Think of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, who didn’t finish school and who dared to be true to their instincts even while others didn’t understand them or even criticized them.

These complex and transcendent figures continue to set examples for younger people today.

We are all subject to the strings that move us around, in ways that are both subtle and constant:

  • The way you were raised and what your family still expects of you
  • The fashion industry with sizes that make you feel like you should lose weight, with ideals about beauty and behavior that you have to fit in with in order to succeed
  • When someone is labeled “strange” by those around them, they often get the feeling that they don’t fit in, that there’s something fundamentally wrong with them on the inside because others don’t except their defining, yet out of the ordinary, qualities.

These are senseless causes of suffering that you must learn to ignore.

  • In a world of people who are identical, the real value comes from being able to break the rules and have your own voice.
  • Those who don’t accept your special qualities, opinions, or life choices – or look upon them with contempt – don’t deserve your sincere affection.
  • You must show them respect, but it’s always better to escape the suffering that results from feeling like they don’t accept you.

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Believe it or not, whatever your strange qualities, your madness, or your genius, there will always be someone to share it with and who will identify with it. Ultimately, we are all beautiful and exceptional people, and all we need are bravery and ambition.

Take the step. Dare to be who you are every day of your life.