Some Things Happen for a Reason While Others, For Some Reason, Don't Happen

When things happen unexpectedly or not according to fate, a lot of times it’s because you tried to force them, trying too hard to get them or not waiting for the right moment
Some Things Happen for a Reason While Others, For Some Reason, Don't Happen

Last update: 31 August, 2020

Sometimes, things happen for a reason. Because you’ve worked for them; because you’ve given your whole life for that long-awaited achievement and fate has finally smiled upon you by allowing you to reach that dream.

On the other side of that coin, there are all the other things that don’t come to pass because it’s not the right time, the situation wasn’t ripe, or because luck —perhaps bad luck— kept you from getting what you wanted.

It’s curious how life always maintains this strange balance in which sometimes everything goes as planned and other times it seems to be the exact opposite.

You hope for so much on a daily basis that you may sometimes feel like nothing is moving forward. You get the feeling that nothing is coming your way and that fate has forgotten you. It’s time to see things from another perspective.

You are responsible for your own existence, and if you want something you should go out and look for it. Fate and luck may accompany you on occasions, but it is yourself, your attitude, and your own determination that will pave the pathways of your life.

We invite you to reflect on this.

Things happen “for a reason”

No doubt you’ve been in this situation: a coworker, neighbor, or friend makes a comment about how lucky you are in life and how well things are going for you.

You simply respond that instead of being “luck,” it’s actually your “daily efforts and will.” Not everything happens without you knowing why. As a matter of fact, the majority of the time it’s you who makes things happen with your own dedication.

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Bad luck and good luck

Is there such a thing as good or bad luck? Like everything in the world, there is a small percent that’s susceptible to the random or uncontrollable things that will always escape your will.

You can’t avoid contracting certain diseases or being in an accident, nor can you “control” the reactions or desires of the people who surround you.

  • Good and bad luck does indeed exist, but in small doses that you must accept and understand. That said, everything else that happens around you is something that you can control.
  • What happens on many occasions is that you’re not fully aware of your ability to control and choose.
  • Psychologists say there’s a “locus of internal or external control.” People with an external locus of control are those who attribute whatever happens to them to chance or to the will of other people.
  • They get a feeling of helplessness when something goes wrong or they fail; it’s always due to external factors and never their own fault.
  • This is not correct. Those people need to learn to develop their internal control where they see themselves as being responsible for their own lives.

Only then can you learn from your mistakes and understand that there are plenty of good things that come your way because you deserve them.

Things that don’t happen “for a reason”

Everyone wants to find happiness, but what if they can’t? Is there some invisible, negative force that’s preventing it? Without a doubt, unhappiness has some very concrete origins that you need to know how to identify.

If something doesn’t happen, there is always a reason. Maybe there are certain factors that you should learn to face and turn it into something that’s in your favor.


Fear is the primary root of unhappiness and the biggest reason you miss the opportunity for “something to happen” that’s new, good, or enriching.

  • It clips your wings and prevents you from responding; in addition, don’t forget that a person who is afraid of something leaves it in the hands of others. This is what triggers the locus of external control that we talked about earlier.


  • Everyone has experienced indecision at some point. It’s that fearful attitude that prevents you from acting and keeps things from happening around you.
  • Life, little by little, becomes merely a movie that’s playing outside of the window, in which you’re never going to be the protagonist.

If you’ve reached that point in your life where you feel like nothing has happened, nothing changes and nothing is going to happen, it’s time to get out and “make things happen.”

A man sitting at a table at a restaurant waiting for his date.

The danger of waiting too long

When you wait too long you can lose your hopes and dreams. Your train will pass you by and you’ll find that you’ve lost everything.

Happiness isn’t what you expect to occur, like a sunrise; happiness is created and felt. You have to give it shape from within yourself. It’s time to stop waiting.

Get rid of your fears and shut down your uncertainties; stay away from people who want you to conform to their wills and stay put. Being healthy means to keep moving, to get outside of your routine and comfort zone. Dare to make your dreams happen.

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