Solitude is Enjoyable When You Seek It

We have heard many times that human beings are, by nature, social creatures. That is why people who seek solitude attract attention.
Solitude is Enjoyable When You Seek It

Last update: 12 October, 2018

We’ll all heard that human beings are, by nature, social creatures. That’s why people who seek solitude attract attention.

In view of the fact that this doesn’t seem to be friendly, a mythology has been created around being alone that prevents us from appreciating it as a tool with immense potential for personal development.

The fact is that, like everything, there are advantages and disadvantages to living alone. For this reason, we will analyze the fundamental aspects and reflect in depth on whether solitude, when it is sought out, is really pleasurable and beneficial for human beings.

The advantages of living alone

Despite the social stigma that has become associated with being alone, it offers many advantages:

Freedom and autonomy


Often, we have many obligations because of the commitments we make in our lives, especially to our significant other and family.

Bringing up children is one of the most demanding and exhausting of these commitments.  Thus, solitude brings with it a major change.

It may be that the person has always lived alone or that they have experienced their children leaving the nest, divorce, the death of a spouse or of relatives. Perhaps there are things that they could do because they were dedicated to their family obligations, and this includes living in the kind of space they desire.

However, being alone, whether sought or not, provides a golden opportunity to accomplish everything that we had to put on hold.

The reality is that a life lived in solitude gives you absolute responsibility for the decisions you make in all circumstances. As a result, it can be satisfying to be able to do whatever you want whenever you want to do it.

Living alone provides you with an experience of personal growth that is very enriching and encourages healthier and more fulfilling social relationships.

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Availability of time

Solitude, when sought out, means that one can take a vacation from living with other people. The thing is that, sometimes, these social obligations do not leave time for personal concerns.

They have always controlled our free time. But when we spend time alone, the extra free time will allow us to do things that were not possible before, and even more things.

Knowing and discovering yourself

Solitude when sought out is enjoyable

There is no better way to come to know yourself than to spend some time alone with only your thoughts.

When you’re alone with yourself, there are no excuses to avoid the inexhaustible task of learning about yourself and getting to know your mind. It’s the chance to strengthen your character and identity or to make changes and improvements.

Finding or strengthening your spirituality

Regardless of what your faith is, when you are on a spiritual journey, solitude is usually very good ally.

By living in solitude, the person can focus exclusively and calmly on this task and truly discover his or her beliefs.

Quality personal interactions

When you live alone, you value and take more advantage of your social relationships. The moments that you share with friends and family will have greater quality than frequency.

Living in peace

living in peace

Silence can bring peace. The relaxation that one feels from not having company or pressures comes from this peace. In this state, you effectively relearn the value of silence.

All the same, there are people who can fill that silence with the sounds they enjoy, like music, which gives them a sense of well-being.

Enjoying the pleasures of life

No doubt living with others is enjoyable. However, living in solitude offers the possibility of devoting oneself passionately to the activities that one truly enjoys.

The disadvantages of living alone

There are many prejudices about the topic of living in solitude. In fact, the alleged disadvantages are not inherent in solitude itself, and even less so if it is voluntary.

Unwanted solitude, or that caused by difficult circumstances in life, is what usually causes discomfort. In these cases, we must look for measures to combat depression and sadness.

Fear, isolation and boredom may occur, which may be rooted in low self-esteem. In these cases, it may be necessary to seek out psychological assistance, relatives and friends.

Having a good diet and an exercise routine always influences your well-being. As well as participating in groups related to your interests. Remember that your happiness is in your own hands.

We all have the great responsibility to take care of ourselves and to preserve our own physical and psychological health.

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Recommendations for living alone

Recommendations for living alone

It’s essential that voluntary solitude is a pleasant experience. After all, there’s no reason to fall prey to odious comparisons or the easy association between solitude and sadness that still persists in society.

Finally, remember that the supposed “urgency” that some people have to find a new partner after a break up is NEVER healthy. It’s best to learn to be happy by yourself first rather than pretending to be happy living with another person.