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Small Balconies: How to Decorate Them and Get the Most Out of Them

A lack of space shouldn't be a limiting factor when it comes to decorating small balconies. Learn some great decoration tips here!
Small Balconies: How to Decorate Them and Get the Most Out of Them

Last update: 25 January, 2022

While large balconies have a lot of potential, we can’t underestimate the decorative power of small balconies. A lack of space doesn’t have to be a limiting factor when it comes to decorating them and making the most of them. On the contrary, this feature is key when talking about modernity and style.

So, don’t be discouraged if you have a small balcony! Instead, get to work and give free rein to your creativity to show off a tidy, new, original, and very pleasant space!

Common mistakes to avoid when decorating small balconies

Before going into the recommendations for decorating small balconies, you must first know everything you should avoid. Pay attention to the following list of tips on what to avoid.

Avoid decorating without painting and cleaning beforehand

This oversight is a classic mistake. The first step in decorating is and always should be painting. Please take a look at the walls, railings, doors, and furniture that need to be painted to make them look as good as new.

After that, then clean up. Take everything off the balcony, discard what you don’t need, and do a thorough cleaning to remove the dirt. Start from scratch!

Don’t oversaturate the space

This mistake is one of the most common in the world of decoration: cluttering the space with one thing and then another and another.

First of all, be aware that less is more. If your balcony is cluttered, it will be uncomfortable. Simplicity will make it the ideal place.

Don’t choose materials that can’t withstand the weather

Something you can’t overlook is buying materials that can withstand the weather. It’s no secret that balconies receive sun, rain, wind, and humidity.

The textiles of the cushions or carpets, furniture, and decorations should be of a quality that is meant to withstand the elements.

Tips for decorating small balconies the right way

If you want to have a small balcony that’s comfortable and pleasant, follow these ten tips. Don’t miss them!

1. Include plants on your small balcony

Imagining a balcony without plants is impossible. Even if the area is very small, it’s always important to have a natural and fresh touch.

Of course, you should choose species that are adapted to your outdoor conditions. Also, don’t plant those that grow too big. Instead, opt for specimens like cacti, petunias, begonias, wild garlic, and ferns.

If you like hanging plants, they’ll turn heads in no time. As they grow, your wall will come alive! Heart succulents and ivy are good choices. The most important thing is that you make the selection paying attention to shade, sun, and the care they need.

A trick that never fails is to install a vertical planter on the wall. You can use a tall pot with several containers, a shelf, some shelves, a hanging planter of the size you prefer, or a small metal or wooden greenhouse.

Huerto vertical en un balcón.
Vertical gardens allow you to take advantage of the space to add greenery to your small balcony.

2. Place seating

One of the goals you should prioritize in your plan is comfort, which means making all areas livable or functional. Therefore, one way to ensure a pleasant stay is with one or more seats, with custom sizes, cushions, and drawers or storage.

The main advantages of this type of furniture are its versatility and ability to adapt completely to the space you have. For example, you can have a small sofa and add a couple of drawers at the bottom.

3. Try garden furniture for small balconies

Another resource that would suit you very well is introducing garden furniture: a small table, a hanging armchair, an L-shaped bench, a stool, or an armchair. Remember to analyze the available space so that everything flows.

In this sense, of course, you can have two rooms in the same place. The secret is to buy furniture for small balconies that’s light and easy to move and maybe even folding.

4. Add decorative details to small balconies

Undoubtedly, the details make the difference. Therefore, experts recommend candles, vases, tapestries, baskets, sea anchors, and pictures with messages as decorative pieces to provide that unique touch. Among the favorite trends are natural fibers.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning umbrellas and awnings, which are very useful to protect you from the sun during the summer and spring season, while giving you some more privacy. Before buying them, measure the area so that you can be more precise.

5. Cover a wall with wood

To give it more authenticity and a more intimate look, think about covering one of the walls with wood, preferably at the back. It can be natural, mahogany, or even black.

The best thing is to then add a bench painted in the same color. Take into account that, if it’s a storage model, you will be also able to store things and other decorative objects in or around it.

6. Use the railing in your favor

Often, the railing is just that. From now on, however, it should be used to hang balcony planters and folding tables designed to save space for lunch or tea!

7. Aim for privacy

If there’s one thing that most balconies lack, it’s privacy. After all, half the city seems to be able to see them! Faced with this, a practical solution is to resort to curtains or a false fence with bamboo sticks.

You can preserve the natural lighting with them, but you will keep the peeping toms at bay. What do you think?

On the other hand, there is a way to permanently close off a balcony, which involves investing more money in the redesigning. Consequently, you must take into account several aspects:

  • What floor the apartment is on.
  • The neighbors around you.
  • If you have children or children coming to visit.

8. Transform the floor of your small balcony

If you have an ample budget to decorate your balcony, a great choice is wood tiles. Laying them is very simple, through a click system.

The appearance, ultimately, will resemble a terrace. There are even those who decide to set aside a piece of the balcony – or all of it – to place artificial grass with white stones around it.

You can’t imagine how good this looks! What’s more, it can be used in any season. In summer, it retains heat, while in winter, it doesn’t absorb too much humidity.

9. Reuse old things and put them on your balcony

That box you’re about to throw away can be used as a table. Have you ever thought about that?

It’s time to activate your sustainable side. Make an inventory of the pieces that you no longer use or that you had planned to discard, and select some for your balcony.

10. Add some special lighting to your small balcony

Balconies are not just for the day. Keep in mind that the right lighting is essential to enjoy a special evening in the evenings.

With this, we don’t mean to tell you to install floodlights that light it up too much. Rather, it’s about finding the perfect balance that fits the style of your space.

Place the lights in a suitable location so that they don’t get wet in the rain and don’t obstruct the view of your guests. Try white or colorful garlands of light bulbs. You can hang them from the wall, ceiling, or even railing.

Balcón pequeño decorado.
The choice of furniture for a small balcony should be made consciously not to clutter the space.

Ideas for putting small balconies to good use

Everyone longs to have a dream balcony – one that not only looks beautiful, but is the perfect setting to share with friends and family.

Here are some final ideas:

  • Choose a folding clothesline so you can take it down and keep it from cluttering your décor. Those that go from the railing outward can help.
  • Get a wardrobe or trunk to store those things you can’t fit inside the apartment. Create a discreet space for it.
  • Designate a corner for your pets, if you have them. In the case of dogs, including a kennel or a mattress for them to rest. Meanwhile, when it comes to cats, a place for their litterbox and scratching post will be useful.
  • Keep folding chairs and spread out a mat for yoga, pilates, or any physical activity.
  • Organize evenings with your loved ones. The life of a place comes from sharing it, don’t you think?

Small balconies can have styles all their own

Remember, a mini balcony is also part of your home. It’s up to you to enhance its beauty, take advantage of the space, and turn it into that spot where everyone wants to be.

Anyway, whether it’s romantic, conservative, classic, minimalist, Japanese, rustic, or whatever it is you want, make the most of it and turn it into a way to express yourself!

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