Is Sleeping in Your Bra Harmful?

Even bra manufacturers say it’s not a good idea to wear your bra for more than 7 hours in a row, or overnight. Allowing for proper lymphatic circulation helps avoid future problems.
Is Sleeping in Your Bra Harmful?

Last update: 02 January, 2019

Bra use has always been a somewhat controversial issue. Is it good or bad for you?

Whether it is harmful or not, 80% of women wear one, but the real question is if they’re safe to be worn at night. In the following article, we’ll explain.

Is wearing a bra a good idea?

We’ve talked about bra use more than once on this website. Is it safe? Or do they pose some sort of health risk to our breasts?

In a study conducted in France by Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, they found that wearing this garment was of little use.

It’s not going to prevent a loss of firmness or the presence of sagging over the years, for example.

In fact, his research showed that it may actually accelerate a loss of firmness and cause more stretch marks to appear.

But others within the medical community counter this argument and contend that bras are actually helpful, especially for women who have large breasts, by adding comfort and support.

The key to having a bra that is beneficial to wear lies in having the appropriate size, which according to statistics, many women are lacking.

Sometimes the cups or underwire are too tight, compressing the breast tissue and preventing proper circulation.

You must be careful if you’re the kind of woman who can’t do without your bras to always choose the most comfortable and appropriate type for your body. It’s essential.

To sleep with or without a bra, that is the question

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In general, experts recommend that you remove this garment when going to bed. A study conducted by medical anthropologists warned of something that should be seriously considered.

Bras compress multiple lymph nodes, preventing the body’s natural filtration of toxins through lymphatic drainage.

And recall that many of these functions occur at night, so bra usage during that time could cause fluid retention and the formation of cysts, fibrous nodules, or tumors in the long term. It’s definitely a risk.

Bras can also compress parts of the underarms, further preventing lymphatic toxin removal and an additional circulatory problem that is worthy of consideration: bras can cause the temperature of the chest to rise, which is bad in the long run. Precancerous breast tissue has a higher temperature than normal tissue.

It’s not worth causing this symptom by wearing a bra at night.

There’s one more aspect to consider: breasts need to be allowed to move in order to promote proper lymphatic flow.

The manufacturers of bras say that to be healthy, don’t wear them more than 7 hours a day, nor at night.

Your breasts need a little freedom of movement to have proper circulation.



Remember that you need good circulation of lymphatic fluid and blood to remove toxins from the body.

So even if you usually wear a bra that’s comfortable, it’s still not a good idea to wear them for more than 7 hours straight.

Now if you simply cannot live without wearing your bra to sleep at night, there are bras made specifically for sleeping.

It’s a particular kind of lingerie. And what’s the secret to these specialty garments, you may ask?

They have a shape that keeps the breasts separate and prevents unsightly wrinkles from forming due to compression.

They’re made of cotton without underwire, and allow the skin to breathe.

You can move around without noticing, but you’ll get the support you need and are accustomed to.

But most importantly, remember that you must always pick bras that are the right size for you.

Avoid the ones that are too tight on the edges or around your chest, and choose bras without underwire.

While this is a best practice for daytime wear, at night you’re better off putting this garment back in the drawer until morning.

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