Six Ways to Simplify a Bedroom

You might want to simplify your bedroom if it's too cluttered and causing visual pollution and headaches. Continue reading to find out some tips on how to do this!
Six Ways to Simplify a Bedroom

Last update: 02 May, 2021

The main benefit of following today’s tips to simplify a bedroom is you’ll have a neat, spacious, minimalist space. Check them out!

Firstly, the bedroom implies comfort and it’s one of the most intimate spaces in the house that reflects your identity. This is why it’s important to create harmony between aesthetics and practical functionality. You can do so by reducing the essential elements to a minimum.

So, don’t miss the recommendations below as they can greatly help you.

Six ways to simplify a bedroom

1. Risky textures

A good way to simplify your bedroom is to use accessories such as cushions, curtains, rugs, and blankets with unconventional patterns. Elements of different textures will help you create a cozy ambiance. Another way to create a warm space is to use materials such as wood or leather.

2. Geometric furniture can simplify a bedroom

This effect accentuates small spaces as people nowadays do several activities in addition to sleeping — studying, teleworking, and even exercising.

The most commonly used colors to paint furniture are various whitish tones. However, you can also use black and red to paint some objects such as vases, mirrors, lamp holders, frames, and chairs.

The furniture needs to be well made of genuine geometric shapes, straight lines mainly. This is because these lines sort of bring together the elements in this space.

A simple bedroom.
Minimalism is based on a simple and functional space design you can apply to bedrooms.

3. Create warmth with different materials

Adding golden elements such as photographs, personal objects, and woodwork to your bedroom can create an intimate and cozy space that reflects your personality. In addition, they’ll add some warmth to the white tones.

4. Predominance of white

In general, professionals suggest having as many white objects as possible to simplify your bedroom. We advise adding a neutral color such as brown or gray although only in specific cases.

Light tones are pleasing to the eye and instill peace and harmony by making a place seem spacious.

5. Don’t overload or accumulate unnecessary objects to simplify your bedroom

There’s a tendency towards the accumulation of things people seldom use. Thus, the best thing to do in this regard is leave in the bedroom only that which is essential to it. You should get rid of everything else or, at least, relocate it elsewhere.

6. Use art to set the trend

Continuing along the line of sleeping in a room that reflects your personality, you can create a striking focal point that breaks the monotony, at least in part, in addition to simplifying it. A vibrant painting, for example.

A woman taking a break from reading.
The white tones in a bedroom simplify and bring elegance to this space.

Feng shui, minimalism, and Marie Kondo’s techniques to simplify your bedroom

For some time now, the techniques of Japanese businesswoman Marie Kondo have become popular in home decoration. However, she’s not really proposing something new as her techniques have been used for years by Toyota’s production engineers according to an article.

According to a thesis, the minimalist style emerged on the European continent thanks to the simple style of architect Ludwing Mies Van Der Roche.

The doctrine, adopted by the city of New York in the 1960s, became a success and the motto is “less is more.”

Similarly, Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art based on the scientific theory about improving the environmental circumstances that balance and promote human well-being and connection with their habitat, according to a thesis.

Finally, this discipline possesses the ability to discover portals to creativity, meditation, and imagination, qualities that expand the pragmatic and cultural value of design.

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