Simple Tips to Fight Cellulite

· June 27, 2015

Cellulite may occur when blood doesn’t flow properly through the blood vessels, which makes it difficult to send oxygen to the tissues and remove toxins. It generally appears on the knees, legs, ankles, arms, abdomen, hips and buttocks. Find out how to fight cellulite in this article! There are three types of cellulite:

  • Hard, which is superficial and can be easily treated and prevented
  • Soft, which is a little harder to remove
  • Edematous, the most serious because it causes pain and swelling and should be treated medically

Causes of cellulite

  • Genetics
  • Circulatory problems
  • Kidney or lung problems
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Sedentary lifestyle

Change your habits to combat cellulite

Tight clothing

When you are eating

You need to eliminate bad fats and increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables, as well as cut out alcohol and soda.

When you are getting dressed

You may not think it, but the clothes you wear could be causing cellulite – we recommend throwing away any clothes that are too tight or restrictive, which prevent good blood circulation and can cause cellulite to appear. Keep in mind that tight pants, tight belts and tight underwear can all prevent good circulation.

Do some exercise

Do some aerobic exercise at least three times a week, such as running, swimming, or cycling. Exercise is not only beneficial to prevent cellulite but it also guarantees the healthy functioning of every organ in the body.

Massage the affected areas

This is done in order to promote the smooth passage of blood through the blood vessels. Massage in circular motions with light tapping, as if you were kneading dough.

Watch your weight

Cellulite occurs thanks to fat and poor circulation, so if you gain a lot of weight, you will likely see its marks. If you lose weight, it is easier to combat cellulite with exercise, creams, and a good diet.

Remember that excess weight is the cause of many health problems, which is why you should always follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Cut out salt

Salt makes the body retain fluid, causing the toxins to stay for longer in the body, producing problems like cellulite, constipation, among others.

Home remedies for cellulite

Oatmeal soap and seaweed soap

You can easily find these products at health food stores. Simply bathe the affected areas with the oatmeal soap, rinse, and use the seaweed soap. Massage using circular motions to simulate blood flow.


Make a puree out of half a papaya and add a few spoonfuls of brown sugar, which is essential to hydrate and exfoliate your skin. Mix well until it forms a paste and apply to the areas where you find cellulite. The papaya will eliminate dead cells and you’ll get firmer skin.

Green tea

Among the many benefits of green tea, this remedy is essential for getting rid of cellulite as it is both an antioxidant and diruretic.


This infusion is one of the best ways to improve blood circulation and help eliminate liquids and waste from your body. It purifies your kidneys. For this reason, it is recomended for fluid retention and urinary infections; it also works as a mild laxative to alleviate constipation and gastric disorders.



You can also make a simple infusion with lemon to lose weight and get rid of cellulite. It helps to purify the body and eliminate fats and toxins.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these simple tips to fight cellulite!