Simple Hairdos You Can Do at Home

Sometimes there's no time to make that regular visit to a hair dresser, squeeze in a visit before a big night out, or find the extra give in your budget for a change of style before meeting friends or even a big date. In this article you'll find some useful ideas for those situations!
Simple Hairdos You Can Do at Home

Last update: 03 April, 2019

Having a short amount of free time means you have to be savvy enough to learn to style your hair at home, even when you don’t have any professional hair dressing skills. The following article will give you a few ideas for simple hairdos you can do at home in a matter of minutes!

Simple, two-minute hairdos

Sometimes all it takes is an open mind and a little imagination, to make a basic and simple hairdo into a stylish and fun look. Among the simple ones are:

High pony tail

It’s easy to do and, even better, looks great for a formal event (party, reunion or work) or a casual get together (beach day and bar). It’s a practical and comfortable look, takes only a few minutes to do and is an easy way to give your look a little variety.

For example, you can shake it up by straightening your hair for a sleek look or adding curls for movement. You can use a big barreled curling iron to achieve a distinct look.


These hairdos come in a million and one varieties. It’s an excellent way to shake up your daily look for a night out or for a formal event; they’re always in style. And for an everyday look, braids save the day. If you’re feeling adventurous you can always try a side or a woven braid.

A simple waterfall braid


It’s quick and easy, and above all gives your look a touch of elegance for whatever occasion. This super easy and sophisticated elegant look can be worn day or night. And a bun or chignon can be crafted at any height on the head. This allows you to accessorize the look, or use bangs or curls to give the look some drama.

Woman showing how to do simple hairdos for short hair

Braided up-do 

It looks great and is easy to do. If you combine a braid with a bun or ponytail, you’ve got a bit of a more versatile look. A braided up-do is an elegant daily option, ideal for a night out or a fancy event. For picnic dates or daily events you can sport this look. You can also dress it down depending on your wardrobe.

Side ponytail

Whether it lays over your shoulder or a little higher on your head, a side ponytail gives you a flirty fun look. It’s easy to do, and allows you to wrangle those stray hair strands that always escape your hairdo.

If you have curly hair, use a curling iron to define them. If you have straight hair, you can use a curling iron to give your hair volume and definition.

Side bun

An very elegant look, easy to do and suitable for any occasion. Instead of your traditional bun, shift your bun down and to the side and add accessories with clips. If you have layers, you can use them to your advantage by making a loose bun. You can also leave strands loose on the other side to add elegance.

Woman rocking simple curly hairdos

Beach waves

It’s a style that’s easy enough to spot, despite the telling name. Perfect for summer, when all you want to do is play on the beach and let your hair blow in the wind, without worries. It’s a look that will always draw the eye in a casual or professional setting. You’ll know those loose and nonconforming curls when you spot them.

Casual bob

It’s another one of those hairdos that are simple, easy to maintain and style, but look amazing with a casual or formal setting. And for those who prefer short hair, a casual bob is a great option and comes in many varieties. From an A-cut, chin length, or asymmetrical, this look can complete any outfit.

Ponytail with bangs

Now back in style for the young professional, the ponytail with bangs is a great haircut option. So whether you’re going to your best friend’s wedding, a job interview, family baptism or a company breakfast, you’ll look beautiful. Place the ponytail mid-high level and straighten your bangs or fringe to have a bit of a ragged look.

Victorian curls

Take a step back in time to femininity and elegance with these Victorian curls. With a bit of an exotic flare, they require lots of hairspray but are guaranteed to get you noticed. Be prepared to be labeled seductive and captivating when you enter a room with this style. Don’t forget to add that final touch with some distinct earrings or necklaces.

Wild waves

For those with long hair, this is an excellent option when you want to leave it down, but are aiming for a still in style flair. Define those wild curls with a big-barreled curling iron or form them up with a flat brush and blow dryer. The key is to make them look natural and loose.

Headbands and hair ties

Maybe you’ve shied away from those awesome looking home-done hairdos because you lack the patience or the skill to make them eye popping. So why don’t you try a few of those many accessories available to make the job easier.

Thin headbands that compliment the tone and color of your wardrobe (purse, belt, or shoes) have taken the catwalk by storm. You can wear your hair loose or tie it up, without too much focus on defining for a sweet and sophisticated look.

Choose a hair tie to compliment your outfit, as well. And the best part is that there are literally hundreds of designs and models to choose from.

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