Signs That He Isn't the Man For You

Although in this case we are talking about men as partners, this advice also applies to women and we should bear it in mind when we start a new relationship
Signs That He Isn't the Man For You

Last update: 28 December, 2018

Have you ever wondered if he’s the man for you?

Often, when we’re in love, we don’t pay attention to certain alarm bells that might go off in relation to the suitability of the person we’ve chosen.

It doesn’t matter if our loved ones point it out to us, because we have to realize for ourselves. However, a hand from others is never a bad thing.

That’s why in this article we’re going to share some signs that maybe this man isn’t for you.

How can you know if a man isn’t for you?

First of all, it’s essential to be objective and to try to identify whether some or several of the following situations seem familiar or whether you have experienced them in your current relationship.

Perhaps they are the signs that you need in order to realize that this isn’t the man for you.

1. He is interested in your money or assets

Man For You

If you have a good job, your own house, a car, or your family has money, you should be careful, because many people can be blinded by greed.

This doesn’t mean that this always happens, but you should pay attention, for example, if he asks you for money, if he always wants you to pay when you go out, or if he tries to convince you to put something that is your property under his name, etc.

2. He doesn’t get along with your pet

Animals are wise, and most of the time they’re right when they don’t like someone.

If you’ve brought your boyfriend home and your dog growled at him or tried to bite him, the first time this could be normal because they don’t know each other, but pay attention if this behavior continues over time.

Also, have a look at how your partner treats your petPerhaps in front of you he behaves kindly but when you go to the bathroom or the kitchen he mistreats him or her.

3. He doesn’t talk about the future

He doesn't talk about the future

Couples tend to talk about joint projects starting from about a year into the relationship, approximately.

Some may take longer and other couples may take less time, but at some point those conversations come up about marriage, children, moving in together, etc.

If you’ve already been going out for a while and he refuses to talk to you about these subjects, it’s because he’s hiding something. Perhaps he doesn’t want to commit, or he might have another relationship and be cheating on you.

4. He doesn’t introduce you to his family or friends

At the start of a relationship, it’s normal to go out just the two of you, but beyond a certain point, it is time for the “de rigueur” introductions to family and friends.

If he doesn’t want to take you to his family Sunday lunches at his parents’ house or he never wants you to go with him to parties, you should suspect that this man is not for you.

As in the previous case, it could be because he doesn’t want formal relationships (and so he doesn’t take you seriously) or rather that there’s another girlfriend he has already introduced to his social circles.

5. He jumps ahead

He jumps ahead

This can also be a warning sign of an unsuitable relationship.

For example, if after going out for two weeks, he says you should live together, or he plans your next vacation for several months’ time, he wants you to meet his whole family or he talks about having children together, be very careful.

All these rushed things can be harmful or a sign that you’re faced with an obsessive person, a stalker, or someone who’s emotionally dependent.

6. You don’t know his tastes

It’s true that lots of people don’t like talking about themselves, but if you’ve gone past the fourth date and you only know his name and a little more, you should be suspicious.

Especially if you ask him things like where he works, who he lives with or what his favorite food is and he dodges the question or changes the subject.

7. He’s too distant

He's too distant

Perhaps he’s suffered a lot in a previous relationship or he doesn’t like close contact with people.

However, if he behaves as if you weren’t there a lot of the the time or he doesn’t pay attention to you in order to watch TV, send a message or do whatever else, this might mean that this man is not for you.

8. He talks about his ex all the time

You’ve been going out for a few weeks and on every date all he does is talk about his ex partner… that she liked such and such a thing, that they went to this restaurant for their anniversary, that she never wanted to go to the cinema with him…

On the one hand it’s boring and on the other it should worry you. If he hasn’t yet been able to forget his previous relationship, it’s unlikely that you can form a new one together.

Let him live in the past and when he’s really ready to start over with a clean state, perhaps you can give him a chance.

9. He wants you to change

He wants you to change

Although nothing is written in stone and we can all improve in certain aspects, it’s a big red flag if any person wants to shape you to their tastes in every little thing you do.

He might tell you to cut your hair or change its color, or to dress how he wants, not to see certain friends, to look for a different job, or to stop thinking in a certain way…

Essentially, he wants you to be a completely different person. And this without a doubt is a sign that he’s not the man for you.

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