Are You an Emotionally Intelligent Person?

March 3, 2017
Emotional intelligence is something that can be learned and acquired over time. Learn about some of the great characteristics of emotionally intelligent people and how to be one.

What it means to be emotionally intelligent has changed with time.

Today, we think of emotional intelligence as the ability to manage our emotions and feelings when relating to others.

Although some people may have natural talent with this, emotional intelligence can be learned and improved upon over time.

Today, we’d like to take a look at some of the characteristics of emotionally intelligent people.


They know how to achieve their goals.


First of all, emotionally intelligent people know how to achieve their goals.

Many people get carried away by anxiety when it comes to achieving a certain goal or fulfilling some particular desire.

However, emotionally intelligent people are less able to distracted by short-term pleasure when it gets in the way of long-term goals.

They control their emotions.

It’s easy for emotionally intelligent people to identify their own emotions and discover where they come from.

Identifying your emotions can help you to control them. In addition, it’s important to learn to recognize factors that influence a positive or negative emotional state.

With this knowledge, emotionally intelligent people know how to correctly interpret their experiences and to use them for the future.

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They’re empathetic.

One of the most important virtues today is the ability to empathize with other people. That is, it’s all about being able to put yourself in their place and try to better understand their points of view.

Connecting with others through empathy makes it easier to truly connect. Of course, emotionally intelligent people know this and are usually very empathetic.

They externalize their emotions.

As you can imagine, it’s very important to be able to express yourself to others.

Emotionally intelligent people know how to express themselves, whether it be speaking, in writing, or through body language. Overall, they’re experts at showing their emotions and expressing themselves.

They have a positive attitude.

In addition, emotionally intelligent people usually believe it’s important to direct their thoughts towards healthy mental and spiritual attitudes. They’re all about having control over what goes through their mind.

They don’t lose themselves to negative thoughts because they’re able to ignore negative ideas and substitute them for others.

They’re motivated.

Next, another important quality of emotionally intelligent people is what some call “intrinsic motivation.”

This type of motivation has two parts. On the one hand, these people are personally motivated, and on the other, they know how to show this to others. 

This is one of the qualities that helps to make emotionally intelligent people great leaders.

They accept change.


In addition, these people know how to manage decisions regarding changes in their life.

Fear of change often paralyzes many people. However, emotionally intelligent people can overcome this fear.

After all, it’s all about seeing change as a challenge.

They have the ability to judge.

As you probably know, it’s not easy to judge. However, it’s important to know how to separate between prejudices and objectivity when judging other people’s behavior and opinions.

Emotionally intelligent people know how to see past prejudice and are excellent judges of character.

They’re not easily offended.

Some people are easily offended.

On the contrary, emotionally intelligent people carefully study the situation before taking offense.

Most of the time, they recognize that there’s a reason for the offense that is probably not in the other person’s power to control.

They know when to say “no.”

Although it seems easy, we’re not always able to turn down certain invitations, jobs, and responsibilities.

That’s why these people know when to say “no.” They also don’t let this bother them.

Are you an emotionally intelligent person? Would you like to be one? Remember: emotional intelligence can be learned with dedication and patience.

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