Seven Ideas for Kid Friendly Bathroom Decor

Today's article contains some kid-friendly ideas to remodel a bathroom and make it attractive and for your little ones. You're going to love these tips!
Seven Ideas for Kid Friendly Bathroom Decor

Last update: 27 June, 2021

Planning a kid-friendly bathroom is the best way to get your children interested in adopting necessary grooming habits: brushing their teeth, bathing, going potty, etc.

They need to acquire them early on so a space designed just for them is the best way to encourage them. Here are some ideas that’ll make this room not only more attractive for them but also safe.

The following proposals are simple and economical. This is because they place special emphasis on color, texture, characters, and decorative objects that’ll capture the attention of the little ones. It’ll make them want to use this room and get used to healthy hygiene habits sort of playfully.

Seven ideas for kid-friendly bathroom decor

1. Kid friendly bathroom tiles

Tiles are a favorite on bathroom walls so consider a chromatic explosion if you’re starting from scratch.

Strong and well-defined colors such as green, orange, or blue tiles will create a cheerful bathroom. You can freehand place them along with some white tiles, or make some kind of design such as a checkerboard or some other geometric pattern.

Now, if you just want to spruce up what you already have then use special paint for tiles and paint them in any way you want. This kind of paint comes in many colors and you’ll surely be able to mix and match.

2. Vinyl for kid-friendly bathroom decor

This is a decorative element people have been using for quite some time. It has many advantages in terms of designs, textures, colors, and shapes.

In addition, they’re quite economical and you can remove them any time you want to renovate without damaging the tiles. This is important children’s tastes and interests change as they grow up. So, you might use a given design when they’re three years old but might want to update it in two years.

Find a theme they like, be it dinosaurs, cartoons, characters, letters, or numbers. We’re convinced this is one of the best ideas when it comes to decorating kid-friendly bathrooms.

A girl washing her hands.
The bathroom is a space to instill lifelong habits in children.

3. Toys and other objects

This is the simplest way to change the look of a bathroom and make it kid-friendly. Thus, add some toys or other similar decorative objects in strategic places of a child’s bathroom:

  • A bathroom sink could have a soap dispenser, toothbrush and toothpaste holder, towels, and other elements that contain toy motifs.
  • The shower and/or bathtub could have anti-slip characters on the base of the bathtub or shower floor. Some of these objects come with a small suction cup so you could also stick them to the tiles.
  • Towel racks come in various shapes, colors and motifs.
  • Personalized toilet boards are useful to children when they’re learning to go potty on their own.
  • Place towels in bright colors or featuring their favorite characters.
  • Choose two or three toys that are suitable for water. This way children will know that bath time doesn’t mean they’ll stop playing, it’s only a change in scenery.

All these accessories are quite useful and can also help a child get into the habit of brushing their teeth and putting their toothbrush away. In addition, they’ll also incorporate the habit of bathing as a playful activity that’ll become a routine over time.

4. An adapted bathtub

You already have a bathroom and you just want to adapt it so that your children can use it freely and independently? Well, we suggest adding a stool to it. This way, you don’t have to take anything apart and lower it to the child’s height. Make sure is safe and non-slip though.

5. Storage spaces at their height

You could add some cubes or wooden modules in attractive colors so children can store their things there. Try to place them in a safe place that is at their height. This is a great way to let them learn to organize their toiletries.

6. A kid-friendly shower curtain

This is a quick and inexpensive way to change the look of a bathroom and make it kid-friendly. What’s more, you could even choose the motif of the new curtain as a family so that the little ones will feel involved in the change of look. Check out some of the hooks currently in the market, there are many fun designs and colors.

7. Pictures

Your child’s drawings and paintings will look great in the bathroom and it’s a rather low-cost alternative. You may frame their drawings or their favorite cartoons or copies of classical they might like, there are many, many options. It’s just a matter of selecting the one that best suits their style.

Tips for a kid-friendly bathroom

Now that you’re done reading the above ideas for decorating kid-friendly bathrooms, let’s get to some tips on how to do it.


This is one of the most stimulating concepts for children at an early age, along with animals and geometric shapes. In other words, the visual stimulus is important, at least according to a study. Thus, add color everywhere you can.


The bathroom must be well-organized so keep drawers, shelves, and other storage spaces tidy. This is just how children acquire independence and autonomy and can carry out their grooming.

It’ll be much easier for them if everything’s in its place. Attach some hangers to the wall with suction cups, so you can later remove them.


This is one of the most important things to take into account when planning or remodeling a bathroom. For example, don’t forget anti-slip mats and safety locks in places where you store adult toiletries, medication, and other chemicals.

Keep in mind that household accidents can have serious consequences for children. This is why you mustn’t leave small objects they could choke on within their reach. In addition, be sure to control the temperature of the water faucets.

A shower head seen from below.
Regulating the water temperature is important in a kid-friendly bathroom to reduce the risk of accidents at home.

Make bath time fun

There are different ways to make bath time a fun, relaxed, and learning moment in addition to renovating the bathroom and adding elements such as toys.

You need a sort of mini-pool in which to bathe babies and younger children so these can sit down. This is because this comfy position will allow them to play with different elements and bubbles. Use a folding bathtub or a large bathtub if the bathroom doesn’t have a permanent one.

However, the plan above doesn’t really work with older children (above the age of 5). This is because they no longer like to sit down. Also, having them stand up is a great opportunity to teach them to do it on their own. Allow them to bathe their favorite toy if they have one.

Two important things a kid-friendly bathroom must have

Finally, the two most important things when it comes to decorating a kid-friendly bathroom are the theme and avoiding a specific gender.

Choose a theme so as you don’t have to think about what matches and what doesn’t.

For example, marine, country, animals, or letter motifs are all unisex.

Keep the above in mind and try not to decorate a kid-friendly bathroom with “girl” or “boy” motifs. There’s nothing written when it comes to what children might like, so both genders might enjoy superheroes and princesses.

Keep these ideas in mind as you plan an attractive and playful bathroom for your little one!

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