7 Great Ways to Relax Your Mind

· November 26, 2015

Throughout the day you go through moments of stress, tension, anxiety, and have times that you might like to run away and hide from such situations. But what’s the most appropriate way to manage such negative emotions to keep them from damaging your health?

In today’s article we’ll discuss seven easy ways you can relax your mind in those moments when you need it the most. These are practical strategies that will be a great help, and we invite you to learn them with us.

1. Your private hideaway, your refuge

relax your mind
Here’s a simple example to help you understand this first tip. Imagine you’re at work with a thousand tasks waiting on you, and everywhere you look there’s more tension, noise, colleagues asking things of you, so many burdens… Or imagine that you’ve just had a bitter fight with your partner when you realize that your children are still waiting for you to take them to school. How can you find the time to relax your mind, even for a second?

Think of an empty room. This is a private place of calm and peace where you can close the door behind you and be alone. Behind that door is sound and stress, but you’re safe in your intimate and quiet place. You can sit through things here, and stay calm. There’s no pressure.

2. A white wall

relax your mind
This exercise is easy and very effective. Every one of us has experienced those moments when we’re suddenly overwhelmed by an endless string of worries, anxieties, and fears. Somehow you become assaulted by negative emotions that make you feel “paralyzed.”

When this happens to you, immediately cut off that train of thought and image a white wall before you. Let that endless expanse of whiteness reassure and calm you. Try it. Put an end to your worries and resolve your fears with that protecting image against the current of negative energy.

3. Focus on your breathing

relax your mind
Stress and anxiety cause you to breathe more rapidly, sucking in air and making your heart work more than it should. Suddenly and without even realizing it you succumb to muscle tension and headaches.

When this happens, try to focus on slowing down your breathing. Start by putting one hand over your abdomen and take a deep breath. Feel it expand and contract as your chest rises and falls. Take a few seconds with each breath and notice that as the air escapes your body, you feel a weight being released from you as well. It’s very relaxing for your body, and also helps relax your mind.

4. Write

relax your mind
A simple and very therapeutic way to relax your mind is by always having a notepad on hand. It’s just a simple place to write down all the worries that can creep up on you like a pack of menacing crows.

Release your fears and stress through words, and if you want to you can later burn all the pages as a final release. You could also keep them in a journal that will help you chart not only your concerns, but also your hopes and dreams. Day after day this journal can become your best friend, your personal escape route.

5. Get a little sun, walk for a while in the grass

relax your mind
When you start to feel overwhelmed or when anxiety and other daily concerns have upset you to the point that you’re extremely stressed, don’t think twice about this one: take a walk through a park, a forest, along the beach, or in the mountains.

Feel the sun on your back and let the calm come over you as the light caresses your skin. It’s like traveling back in time to the origins of humanity, and we assure you that nothing is more therapeutic and relaxing than a daily walk through nature.

6. Find someone who will listen to you

relax your mind
Somewhere in your social circle you know that there’s a person who will sincerely listen to you with empathy and affection. That person helps you relax your mind for a while, as you describe the things that are making you unhappy, worrying you, or causing you stress.

Sometimes you’re not looking for advice or someone to tell you what to do. Mostly you just need someone to listen. After you’ve managed to release that “weight” you can then ask them to help you decide what your next steps should be.

7. Find your personal space

relax your mind
Everyone needs a personal, private space where they can relax and be themselves. Some people can find it just by listening to music and closing their eyes. Others take to drawing, dancing, or knitting – it doesn’t matter what the activity is. What’s important is that you have some method or hobby that helps you release your tensions and be yourself, helping you let go of your worries.

Lastly, it’s important that you know or find out for yourself what works best for you when you need to relax your mind. Everyone is unique and special, and not all of us will benefit from the same advice. So go slowly, and test each of the tips we’ve described in this article to see what fits your needs the best.

Remember to always prioritize your life and happiness. Don’t give too much of yourself to others, to the point that you stop caring for yourself. Give your heart and mind what they deserve, and defend your personal space, privacy, and freedom. Don’t lose sight of them!