19 Tips to Save Bathroom Space

· July 14, 2016
If you want to save bathroom space and make it more functional you should take advantage of smaller areas where you can add shelving for storage of commonly used items.

Most houses have small bathrooms because the designers gave preference to bedrooms and living areas.

Although it’s usually a smaller space, you can always try to make your bathroom more cozy by adding some decorative elements and accessories.

The problem is that it’s often difficult to organize them properly and you wind up with a mess of bottles, cosmetic products, toilet paper, towels, and a variety of other commonly used items in the bathroom.

What many people don’t think about is that there are great ways to save bathroom space while keeping everything stowed away.

In case you weren’t already aware of this, in today’s article we compiled the 19 most interesting options to help you organize your life in the bathroom and use that space more wisely.

Are you ready to try it at home?

1. Recycle your PVC piping

2 pvc tubes

Yes, you read that right. Extra PVC pipe from another project can be transformed into handy stands for hair brushes, hair dryers, and other accessories that otherwise add to the clutter.

2. Buy narrow furniture

3 tall cabinet
Corner or wall furniture is an excellent way to take advantage of the narrow spots and corners of your bathroom. You can store towels, toilet paper, and a variety of other products there.

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3. Hang baskets on the wall

4 wall storage

If you have some baskets you’re not using, secure them to the wall to store your lotions, brushes, etc. This is a great way to save bathroom space.

4. Build a shelf

5 wall storage

Wooden shelving can give your walls an elegant touch and accommodate your cosmetic products in an orderly fashion.

5. Door storage

6 cabinet storage

Your cabinet doors are the prefect place to add a shelf for storing items like the hair dryer and curling iron.

6. A towel rack and shelf

7 towel rack

How about a place to store your towels and cosmetics? You can save bathroom space massively with a few simple hooks.

7. Bathtub with hidden storage

8 bathtub storage

If you’re designing a bathroom or planning to remodel, try building some hidden storage around the bathtub for those “extra” items.

8. Tiered storage

9 cabinet storage

Items you once used to display cakes or store multiple dishes can result in some excellent tiered shelving for makeup or other small products.

9. Glass jar organizers

10 organizers

Do you like the idea of reusing? Try gathering your glass jars to make this lovely organizer for the bathroom.

10. Use magnetic strips

11 magnetic pins

To keep from ever losing your bobby pins and other small metal objects again, apply a magnetic strip along the inside of a shelf to store those items.

11. Shelves above the toilet

12 above toilet
A nice shelf over the toilet makes a great spot for storing cleaning products, towels, washcloths, and plenty of other objects.

12. Clips

13 clips

If you don’t have a shelf inside your shower or bathtub for your toiletries, try using hanging clips to store them.

13. Hooks for the vanity

14 hangers

You can easily find adhesive hooks that will stick to your bathroom mirror or vanity, providing a place to hang brushes, combs, and other accessories.

14. Hanging shelving on doors

15 cabinet

You can add hanging shelves to the doors of your cabinets for storing cleaning projects, sponges, and anything else that needs to stay orderly.

15. A magnetic board

17 magnets

Buy a magnetic board and apply small magnets to your makeup it will always be in sight and ready to use.

16. Rolling your towels

18 rolled towels

Instead of just folding towels, try rolling them up and storing them in a basket or on the shelf. You will save bathroom space and create a more welcoming atmosphere.

17. A cupboard under the mirror

19 mirror

The space underneath your bathroom sink and mirror is perfect for adding a cupboard or a divided shelf.

You can store dozens of things that you use all the time in this space.

18. Hangers on the door

20 hooks

Adding a few hangers to the back of the bathroom door will make it the perfect place for towels, robes, and other garments.

19. Built-in drawers

21 wall drawers

Any extra space on the walls can be used to install small, multi-use drawers.

Do you have any ideas to save bathroom space? Share them with us and don’t hesitate to try any of the solutions we mentioned here.