7 Satisfying Dinners That Help You Lose Weight

04 August, 2020
Dinner is a big deal for our bodies because we don't burn the calories that we take in our last meal of the day. So, we've prepared 7 dinner options for you that'll help you loose weight in a week without having to feel hungry. 

Using these meals as a starting point, you can create many other recipes full of flavor and nutrients, free from flour and harmful fats.  

Dinner is key for loosing weight

If we want to loose weight easily without having to feel hungry, we need to focus on dinner. Dinner is the meal that’s most likely to make us gain weight and accumulate fat in our abdominal region. We usually don’t use the calories that we consume during the last meal of the day and, as a result, our bodies transform all of that energy into reserves.

For that very reason, we should opt for dinners full of raw or cooked vegetables, accompanied with easily digestible proteins and healthy fats. This combination of nutrients boosts metabolism so that we can burn more calories while at the same time, helping us rest well and recharge at night.

However, in order to do so, we need to eat dinner early, at least 3 hours before going to bed. If we’re very hungry before going to bed, we can have a cup of tea, a glass of vegetal milk (oat or almond milk) or even an apple or pear.

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And if we skip dinner?

The people who opt for skipping dinner or for following low-calorie diets are making an unnecessary sacrifice. It won’t only fail to help them in loosing weight, but also have a rebound effect when they start eating again. Their body will reduce energy use to a max and start to store all reserves possible at mealtimes as a survival mechanism.

The key lies in choosing the right foods, eating in moderation and not obsessing over calories. The end result will be an effective weight loss without suffering. In just one week, we can start to notice positive results.

7 ideas for the entire week

1. Monday: Cream of vegetable and pea soup

Cold or hot, cream of vegetable soups that are in season make for one of the best dinner options because they’re very filling and healthy. We can prepare them with our favorite vegetables and, when possible, along side a serving of legumes that can provide extra protein and fiber.

Peas are one of the best legumes that we can have for dinner. They’re easy for digesting and have a delicious flavor.

2. Tuesday: Gazpacho and poultry

Gazpacho, or a soup of blended vegetables (tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, garlic), is great for hot nights or when we need a boost in vitamins and minerals. We can take advantage of the soup’s light body in order to have a serving of chicken or turkey, baked or grilled. It’s a perfect combination and we’ll be able to digest it easily. This dinner is also a great option to follow a workout.

3. Wednesday: Salad and hummus

Chickpeas are very nutritious legumes. However, many people have trouble digesting them, especially at night. This is preciously why we recommend hummus, a cold chickpea dip that we can pair with a salad.

4. Thursday: Fish and grilled pineapple

Fish is a low-fat animal protein, which makes it a good option for weight loss recipes. We can bake it in the oven along side some pineapple slices. We’ll end up with a light, delicious dessert that’s ideal for digesting the fish.

5. Friday: Quinoa and guacamole

Quinoa is a protein-rich grain that’s better suited for dinner recipes than other grains such as rice. For this menu, we suggest pairing it with a nice guacamole. Guacamole will provide us with a good amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber and healthy fats.

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6. Saturday: Chickpea pizza

Do you love pizza? Treat yourself on Saturday night, but make the dough with chickpea flour. You’ll end up with a much healthier recipe that’s more appropriate for loosing weight.

7. Sunday: Green smoothie and omelette

On Sunday, we can recover from all of the excess of the weekend with a delicious and cleansing green smoothie with a French omelette. The simplest dinner can be the most satisfying and it’ll help us rest well to start off the week with energy and vitality.

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