Rosemary Extract Fights Cellulite

· March 17, 2016
To achieve the desired effects it’s important that you use rosemary extract on a regular basis, follow a healthy exercise routine, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Cellulite, or dimpled skin, is one of the cosmetic problems that disproportionately affects women, although it can also affect men in smaller numbers.

This skin disorder occurs when the soft tissue becomes inflamed thanks to a problem with your circulatory or lymphatic systems, resulting in the formation of small dimples or nodules. These usually arise in places where you have fat accumulated under the deepest layers of your skin or as a result of fluid retention.

So far, we don’t know what the exact cause of cellulite is, but it’s thought that everyday habits and hormonal changes can have an impact. Regardless of the origin, most people who have cellulite are constantly trying to find a way to improve the appearance of their skin.

There are many products and therapies today that aim to reduce this condition and reveal smoother, more beautiful skin. There are also natural alternatives that provide good results without costing you large sums of money.

Today we’re going to examine the incredible properties of rosemary extract, which for some time has been popular thanks to its ability to improve the appearance of cellulite.

Rosemary extract fights cellulite

2 cellulite before and after
Rosemary extract is widely used for its many topical benefits, and the well known medicinal plant is easily absorbed when it is used as an extract.

One of its biggest strengths is its powerful action against inflammation making it an excellent choice for treating muscle problems, improving circulation, fighting fluid retention, improving the benefits of a massage, and more.

It also acts as a natural skin toner, ideal for maintaining elasticity and preventing sagging.

Thanks to these important benefits, rosemary extract fights cellulite and helps prevent its reoccurrence.

Still, the benefits will only be visible if you use it on a regular basis and complement your treatment with good lifestyle choices, including a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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How do you prepare rosemary extract at home?

3 rosemary
This natural product is sold in pharmacies and health food stores, but it’s also very simple to make it at home. Just be sure that the ingredients you use in this recipe are 100% natural.


  • A bunch of fresh sprigs of rosemary, including leaves and flowers
  • 150 ml of rubbing alcohol
  • 1 small glass bottle


  • Place the rosemary into the glass bottle or jar, either chopped or whole.
  • Pour the rubbing alcohol over the rosemary – this is the ethyl alcohol that’s usually sold for cleaning and disinfecting wounds.
  • Cover the container tightly and store it in a cool, dark place for at least 15 days.
  • After that time has passed, strain off the extract and it’s ready to use.

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How to use it

4 rosemary oil

  • First of all, you should always exfoliate your skin before any cellulite treatment to improve absorption.
  • Once you’ve exfoliated the thighs or other area you want to treat, apply the rosemary extract using cotton pads.
  • Massage the areas from bottom to top, for example starting near your knees and moving toward your hips, until you’ve completely covered the area.
  • Pay special attention to the backs of your legs just below your buttocks, which is an area that typically accumulates more cellulite than normal.
  • Leave it on for 10 minutes, rinse with cold water, and finally apply a firming cream.

The way that you apply the extract is important because it stimulates circulation and the elimination of fluids retained in the region.

You should use this extract every day in combination with a massage, paying special attention to areas where you have more cellulite than others.

When you combine this simple therapy with a good diet and exercises that target the buttocks and thighs, you’ll definitely start to see results in no time as the rosemary extract fights cellulite.