You Have the Right to Open a New “Account” in Your Life

Opening a clean, new account doesn’t mean giving up, but rather clearing out everything that impedes your path to happiness and well-being.
You Have the Right to Open a New “Account” in Your Life

Last update: 10 March, 2019

Sometimes it comes easily, sometimes it’s hard, but it’s always useful. Opening a new life account can be the solution to your problems in the present.

Your heart may be open to it, but brains can be so resistant to change, however.

This includes everything that requires you to leave your comfort zone or get out of a routine, habit, or a specific context – it’s interpreted by your brain as a threat.

In its primordial way of guaranteeing your survival, the brain will always fill you with fears and insecurities, whispering “don’t do it, don’t change the things around you.”

When one is able to confront that natural and biological instinct, however, everything changes.

In the end, your mind will be enriched from the lessons you learn and your brain benefits from that wonderful step that includes receiving other stimuli that could bring you happiness.

In today’s article, we want to invite you to reflect on your right to do this simple thing: making a new start.

To create a new account, it must be “cleaned”

Changes don’t come in a linear march from a given situation.

You don’t need to start with your roots and look for other regions or spaces to create a new start.

  • The best thing you can do is promote changes by bringing together new internal strengths that will help you “clean out” the things you don’t like, that are no longer relevant, that don’t enrich you, or that slow your progress.
  • You can start with your own home: remove anything that belongs to a stage in your life that you don’t like.
  • Get rid of papers, clothing you no longer wear, memories that annoy you or take up too much space for what little they serve.
  • Open your windows and let new winds blow over you while you clean.
  • Then comes the bravest and most important part. Reflect in depth on what more could be left in your life.
  • Maybe you need to change your routine, perhaps you should stay away from certain people or break a few bonds…

Then reevaluate your situation.

Appreciate the void, consider the changes, and focus on your own person

No doubt when you deep clean your home you probably wonder how many useless things you’ve accumulated, and marvel at how much light radiates from every corner after you’ve removed all that dust, trash, or broken objects.

  • You feel a very comforting serenity, and everything is in order now. You feel love.
  • Not only have you put aside things that were no longer useful to you. You’ve also turned away from people who didn’t bring you anything and even caused you pain.
  • There are those who, when they reach this stage, immediately launch themselves into meeting new people, creating new relationships, and embarking on a whole series of new experiences.
  • This is not the correct way to proceed. When you put a “new account” into practice you’re focused on your self-care, so for that reason it’s vital that you dedicate some time to reflection.
  • You need to appreciate the vacuum after you have cleansed your space. Go to those places where there once was a person who now follows a different path.

In these spaces you are yourself, and you must meet again, appreciate your solitude, and reconcile with it.

The changes in the exterior can make you feel different: someone stronger

If the simple fact of wanting to initiate change is already a sign of courage, having achieved it is a feature of that value.

Sometimes you’re not aware of it, but within you lies a seed of resilience.

Additionally, creation requires a few drops of determination, a pinch of fortitude, and a few scoops of intuition.

After you’ve opened a new account you’ll feel proud of yourself and that feeling or conviction that you’ve taken the helm of your life. It is something gratifying – something you should enjoy.

A new account and smiles: it’s time to decorate your life

New life, new smiles. According to Dr. Manjula: “a beautiful smile is a gateway to the world.”

The effort was worth it, and even if you recognize that you’ve taken a long time to reach where you are now. Everything is wonderful because now you’re in your essence. Now, it’s just you in all your magic.

It’s time to “decorate” your life, and here are some simple tips that will help you:

  • Decorate your life with people who appreciate you for who you are, with all your virtues and flaws.
  • Let your heart reach people who know how to give and receive happiness.
  • Surround yourself with mature, fun friendships that have a solution for every problem, not a problem for every solution.

Allow you to reach those opportunities that you always deserved and that you didn’t dare to reach. Be receptive to what life wants to bring you and what you like, dream of, and identify with.

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