How to Reuse Teabags or Coffee Singles

· August 31, 2015
You can reuse teabags as a relaxer for your eyes. Take the used teabag and wet it in cold water. Then, place it over your eyelids to reduce swelling in the area.

Once they’re done drinking their cup of tea or coffee, most people just throw the tea bag or coffee single in the trash. However, there are plenty of ways to reuse these bags. Reusing household items not only helps the environment by reducing the amount of trash we produce, but it also means you get more use out of each item. Read the following article to learn how to reuse teabags or coffee singles.

Get more than one use out of teabags or coffee singles

This is one of the principles of recycling. If you want to make a difference in the world, you should pay attention to the following recommendations for reusing teabags and coffee singles after using them to make your preferred beverage.

Organic fertilizer

You can start making your own compost at home, regardless of whether you have a garden. By throwing organic waste (fruit and vegetable peels and waste) into a pile, you’ll be able to produce good, black dirt that will be great for fertilizing your plants and flowers. Plus, by using this organic solution, you won’t be polluting the area where you live. If you don’t feel comfortable with a compost pile because you live in a small apartment or don’t want to deal with the odor, don’t worry: you can simply open up a teabag or coffee single and dump the contents in your favorite indoor pot.

The used tea or coffee will be great for your flowers and, if you use coffee, you’ll benefit from the delicious smell. Remember that you should only apply the contents of teabags or coffee singles once they are cold and dry. This will prevent any fungi from growing, and will ensure that your organic fertilizer doesn’t attract bugs or ants.

Odor neutralizer for your fridge

Coffee singles can help get rid of or neutralize all the funky smells in your refrigerator. This is one of the properties of the most popular hot beverage in the world. So, the next time you drink coffee, remember to squeeze out your coffee single and place it in the refrigerator. If you use whole coffee beans, you can place them in a bowl and cover it with gauze. They will absorb foul odors and make this important home appliance smell great.


Home remedies

Did you know that you can use teabags as a topical solution for skin problem? Well, now you do! For example, you can use them on the bags under your eyes, for mosquito or flea bites, to reduce swelling or to rest your eyes after spending lots of time on the computer. This property comes from a component in tea called tannic acid, which is capable of reducing swelling. You should always keep a few used teabags in the refrigerator so that you’ll have them on hand in case of an emergency.

Here’s another great habit that you should try implementing every day after work: sit down on the couch (or get into the bathtub after filling it with warm water and natural salts), put on some relaxing music, close your eyes and place a teabag, previously soaked in cold water, on each eyelid. You’ll start experiencing results immediately!

Fabric dye

For centuries, people have used tea, as well as other plants and flowers, as a way to dye fabrics. If you soak a piece of white fabric in tea, you’ll notice that it takes on an antique appearance. Are you familiar with the sepia style of photography? Well, it’s quite similar. This is a perfect way to change the color of your couch, curtains, or piece of clothing that you’re tired of. If you are into crafts, give your fabrics a vintage look, just like the items in your grandmother’s attic. If you are organizing a vintage outdoor wedding, this type of fabric dye will give your event the perfect unique touch.

Make more tea

You’ve surely seen your parents or grandparents save teabags in a mug for a few days, only to use those same teabags to make a cup of tea. If you are able to save up five teabags, you’ll have enough tea for a pretty strong cup of this hot beverage. This technique will help you save quite a bit of money. For example, if you drink one cup of tea from Monday to Friday, the cup of tea you drink on Saturday will be free! You can mix different types of teas to create some tasty new flavors.

Green tea

Reduce cellulite

You’re probably aware of the fact that anti-cellulite creams are very expensive, and that no one has come up with a 100% effective formula (meaning you have to buy more than one bottle). Plus, the cosmetic products you find at the grocery store are full of unhealthy components, which is why you should try out the following recipe.

You’ll need a bit of used coffee grounds (from a coffee single or your regular coffee maker). Mix these grounds with a few drops of coconut or almond oil until a paste is formed. Apply this paste to the areas your skin affected by cellulitis in a circular motion while you are taking a shower; focus on your buttocks, thighs, stomach, legs and arms. Then, rinse the paste off and continue with your shower.

Remove foul odor from your hands

After cooking certain foods, such as garlic, fish, olives or onions, your hands may end up with a nasty odor that is difficult to get rid of, even after washing your hands several times or applying perfume. If you have a bowl with used coffee grounds, don’t hesitate to use them to get rid of any strange smells on your hands. Just gather a bit of the grounds in your hand and rub your hands together for a few minutes. Finally, rinse the grounds off with warm water.

Shinier hair

Greasy hair

All of us women would certainly love to have healthier, shinier hair, just like the hair we see in shampoo and conditioner commercials. You can achieve this look by reusing coffee grounds. This is a simple treatment that’s totally natural.

Take a bowl full of coffee grounds and add boiling water, then let it cool. Drain this mixture and pour the resulting liquid onto your clean, wet hair (after showering). Let it set for about 20 minutes and then rinse it out with warm water. Try using this treatment once a week for one month, and you’ll surely see some great results!