Reuse Old Shirts for These Surprising Crafts

If you're crafty and like to recycle clothes and fabrics, don't miss out on this article. Have you ever thought about what you can do with your old shirts?
Reuse Old Shirts for These Surprising Crafts

Last update: 23 November, 2018

Creative women find a new use for any disposable thing that they see in a house. Clothes, in this case, can be an excellent alternative. Reuse old shirts and make these useful crafts with the following tips.

How many times have we been deeply upset that a shirt doesn’t fit us anymore or it’s worn out? Unfortunately, in these situations, all you can do is throw it away. Or is it?

In this article, we will show you a few new uses for your shirts that you don’t wear anymore. Don’t worry, they’re simple and can be used in your daily life.

Reuse Old Shirts for the Following Crafts

1. Pillowcases

Reuse Old Shirts

This is an excellent way to give new life to your old things. All you need to do is take a pillow, preferably white, and put it on top of the shirt.

Then, cut a piece of fabric in the shape of the pillow, leaving 8 or 10 centimeters on each side. Next, cut the edges in rectangular strips. This allows both sides to be joined easily with simple knots.

Reuse old shirts to make beautiful pillow cases that match your bedspread, sofas or curtains. The best part is that they’re easy to make: without needing to sew!

2. Shopping Bags

Have you ever thought that you can make shopping bags out of shirts that you don’t use? It’s very simple and the results are beautiful.

First, cut the bottom of the shirt and save this piece of cloth. Then, also cut off the neckline and the sleeves.

Next, with the piece of material that you saved, tie the bottom of the shirt. If you know the appropriate techniques , you can sew it to make it stronger. However, if you tie it well, you shouldn’t have problems transporting light objects.

3. Bracelets


With this easy trick, your shirts can go from covering your body to decorating your wrist. How is it done? First, cut strips out of your shirt. It’s better if you have more than one color or if you use more than one shirt to create multicolor bracelets.

Then, stretch out 3 or 6 strips- depending on your braiding ability or how wide you want- and make one or two knots at the time. Place a heavy object on it to keep it in place, and braid the strips to make a bracelet. 

To finish it, you can add a magnet to each end and cover it with a bit of fabric. If you prefer something simpler, you can tie the ends in a knot to keep it in place on your wrist.

In addition to it being a bracelet, you can also use this method to make hair ties for your hair. Of course, they’re informal; but they help you create a colorful, casual look.

4. Rugs

Yes, your favorite shirt today can become your rug tomorrow. Although it hurts to think about, this is really great news.

Many shirts have beautiful designs, which makes it hard to get rid of them. To avoid this loss, reuse your old shirts to make original rugs. The steps are:

  1. Cut the bottom of one or a few shirts.
  2. Without cutting all the way through, turn it around and continue cutting, as if you were peeling an orange. There should be just one large strip of the shirt left.
  3. Stretch them out and join the strips to make knots on one end.
  4. Separately, braid the strips until they’re all connected.
  5. Spiral the braid in a circle, like a shell.
  6. Finally, sew them from the center outward, uniting the braids with the one next to it.

The more shirts you use, the more designs you can make. Remember to vary what colors and designs you use, and try to use thicker shirts to have a better, stronger rug.

As we’ve shown you, there’s no reason to throw away old clothes. With some creativity, they can serve other decorative purposes.

You already know: reuse shirts to make new, useful decorations for the house. Get cutting!

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