Redesign Your Home to Have a Happier Relationship

Redesigning your home can make the difference between having a happy relationship or not. Do you want to know more about this and how to redesign your home for this purpose? Then read on!
Redesign Your Home to Have a Happier Relationship

Last update: 01 May, 2020

It’s possible to redesign your home to have a happier relationship. However, this idea may have never popped into your head. For this reason, today you’ll discover how home design affects relationships and some tips to have a happier relationship.

Does the term neuroarchitecture sound familiar to you? Possibly not, although many studies are shedding more light on this concept. In this regard, they’re claiming that home design can have a major impact on emotional states.

The principles of neuroarchitecture

A couple working from home.
The couple’s habits must be taken into account to design a functional home that ensures well-being for both partners.

Before delving into how to redesign your home to have a happier relationship, it’s necessary for you to get to know the principles of neuroarchitecture. What does it take into account? The answer to this question is important aspects, such as privacy, materials and colors, windows and lighting, and furniture and design.

In this regard, it’s important to conduct a preliminary analysis of the situation. For example, if both partners work from home, then lighting will be an important aspect. According to neuroarchitecture, a well-lit space allows people to be more productive.

Redesign your home to have a happier relationship

Now that you know a bit about neuroarchitecture, we encourage you to read on to discover how you can redesign your home to have a happier relationship. For this, we’ll share some issues to reflect on and, depending on what you need, you can opt for one design or another.

In search of intimacy

A woman opening her curtains.
Look for elements that give a touch of intimacy. This way, you’ll favor intimate moments.

Lack of intimacy in a relationship is something that may worry you if you’ve been with your partner for many years. Sexual encounters are no longer as frequent and it seems that you’re growing apart little by little. If you consider this situation serious, you can go to couples therapy. But you can also try to redesign your home.

The first thing you can focus on is lighting. Dim the lights when you’re spending time together. This is because low lighting increases the level of intimacy. Also, you can add some candles. Likewise, we recommend that you spend quality time together.

Fewer arguments

You may want to redesign your home to have a happier relationship for a specific goal: to put an end to the “stupid” arguments. Although this may be indicative of emotional mismanagement or communication problems, you can change the environment to favor well-being. To do this, focus on the windows:

  • Eliminate any curtains that may not allow natural light to enter
  • Keeping windows that face landscapes clear is essential
  • If you don’t have a lot of windows or none of them have good views, you can place a poster or a painting of a landscape you like in a visible place in your home
  • When it’s sunny, allow the sunlight to enter

A more comfortable space

A bright and tidy bedroom.
Create quiet and comfortable spaces you can spend time together in.

If you’re looking to redesign your home to have a happier relationship, in addition to the above, you surely want a more comfortable home. Comfort leads to well-being, which translates into less stress. For this purpose, you must pay attention to the following:

  • Adding indoor plants will make your home feel more comfortable and look more appealing
  • Painting the walls green or light yellow will help reduce stress levels
  • Not accumulating junk or useless objects makes homes feel peaceful

These small tips will help you redesign your home to have a happier relationship. If your home is messy, or you use aggressive colors, or your furniture doesn’t reflect your tastes, then this can affect your relationship.

For this reason, we recommend that you take these steps, throw away everything you don’t use, and avoid the use of artificial light. Likewise, if you have windows, allow natural light to enter. Are you aware of how your home affects your relationship?

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