Recommendations for Treating Arthritis

· October 31, 2014

Arthritis is a a chronic disease and its only definite solution, in some cases, is to perform surgery. What you should keep in mind right now is a series of tips and recommendations to avoid, as much as possible, resorting to surgery.

Arthritis is divided into different types and each one has a different symptomatology. In the following article, we will list the most common types of arthritis and the different ways of treating arthritis.

Most Common Types of Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common diseases in the whole world. In general numbers, millions of adults and half of adults over 65 years old suffer from pain caused by this disease.


Osteoarthritis or Arthrosis is the most common type of arthritis among adults. It happens when cartilage starts to tear and get worn down. In regards to its symptoms, the most common ones are numbness and moderate pain when performing activities like walking, bending down, and even when you are resting.

Rheumatoid Arthritis


Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disease, which means that your own body attacks its joint tissues, as if it were protecting you from a disease or injury. This disease not only destroys your joints but can also cause organ problems in your heart, muscles, blood vessels, the nervous system, and your eyes.


Gout is considered to be one of the most painful kinds of arthritis. This attack can begin when crystals of uric acid accumulate in your ligaments or joint cavities. These deposits tend to produce inflammation, reddening, heat, pain, and a lot of joint stiffness.

Warning Signs

  • Incessant joint pain
  • Inflamed joints
  • Hard or numb joints
  • Sensitivity or pain when touching a joint
  • Problems with using or moving a joint normally.
  • Heat and reddening in a joint

Specific Treatment



Certain medications can help you control the pain that this causes. Rest and exercise will help you make your joints move easier. It is also highly recommended that you have a proper weight.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

With proper treatment, you can control this disease and prevent its progression, but at this time, there is no cure. If you follow a proper treatment and your doctor’s or therapist’s recommendations, you will realize you can move easier and the pain will be reduced. However, you shouldn’t forget that because of the nature of this autoimmune disease, you can suffer from acute attacks at certain times, which can also be controlled with medication.



If you have gout, you should talk to your doctor so that they can figure out what caused it and how to prevent attacks in the future. The main thing to do would be to reduce your levels of uric acid in your blood by following a specific diet and with the help of medication that your doctor can prescribe you.

The most common thing in regards to acute treatment for gout is the use of NSAID, corticoids like prednisone or colchicine, which is a specific painkiller for gout.

Treatments or General Tips on Treating Arthritis

Lose Weight


The first and most basic piece of advice to keep in mind will always be to lose weight. The best way to free excessive joint pressure is to lose weightThe joints that will benefit the most are your knees, feet, ankles, hips, and spine.

Exercise Right

Another one of the best ways to help your joints is physical exercise. Sedentary lifestyles are extremely harmful for people who have diseases like arthritis. Exercise is the best if it is guided by a qualified person, like a physical therapist.

Avoid Extreme Exercise


You should avoid any type of exercise that implies excessive tension on your joints because it isn’t suitable for people over 50 because they can harm themselves, especially for people who suffer from arthritis. Moderate exercise is the best, like walking, for example. 

Do Workouts Like Yoga

These workouts are especially good for people that suffer from any type of arthritis. It is very important that this type of activity is done with the help of a teacher that knows the proper movements for people with this disease and how they should be done.

Avoid Lifting Heavy Weight

The last thing a person who has arthritis should be doing is lifting heavy weight. This will prevent the bad joint from getting worse. Use tools that help carry heavy items from one place to another instead.