Infusions for weight loss, anxiety, cramps, insomnia… There is a medicinal plant for every need you may have, and an infusion for every person and for every time of day. At Step to Health, we’ll show you how to use infusions to enjoy all the goodness nature has to offer.

The 4 Most Diuretic Infusions

When you can’t get rid of the liquids retained in your body and you are experiencing certain signs from the body, the best thing you can do is turn to diuretic infusions. Drinking them will bring you relief.

5 Infusions to Help Combat Gas

Gas can be a painful and uncomfortable as much for you as for the people around you. However, some changes to your diet and reducing your portion sizes can help combat gas.

5 Best Teas to Treat an Annoying Cough

We wish it weren’t so. But unfortunately the truth is that air pollution is wreaking havoc on our health. One result is a nagging cough that shows up for no apparent reason. It also tends to come along with dark colored mucous.

5 Diuretic Infusions to Eliminate Liquids

The anti-inflammatory properties of some plant diuretic infusions help counteract the symptoms of liquid retention. This disorder, characterized by accumulating fluids in different bodily tissues, is related to high blood pressure, circulatory problems and some common ailments.

How to make a tea that fights cellulite

Cellulite is caused by the formation of fat deposits under your skin. This causes a dimpled look that you can see at a glance. Commonly known as “orange peel syndrome” this is one of the beauty problems that greatly affects…

How to Make 5 Teas to Sleep Better

Getting a good night’s sleep every day is one of the habits that allow us to remain energetic and upbeat during our daily activities. And, tea can help you sleep better at night. We may never notice, but when we sleep,…

5 Herbal Teas to Cleanse Your Digestive System

Herbal teas can help boost your immune system and cleanse your digestive system. Healthy intestines are essential to maintaining your quality of life. A poor digestive system can stop you from doing many of the activities you love. Today we…

6 Fantastic Teas to Detox Your Body

Every day, our bodies are exposed to different toxins. These can come from our own bodies (due to a poor diet) or be a result of our environments (pollution, gas emission, etc.). These toxins can cause deterioration and severe damage…

4 Teas to Lower Your Blood Sugar Level

Teas are the easiest way to benefit from the medicinal properties of plants for our benefit. The most common way to make tea is using small bags. These can be bought in packages at any supermarket. Some of these medicinal…

5 Teas that Can Reduce Your Craving to Smoke

Smokers face a strong addiction to tobacco. Unfortunately, this exposes them to a wide variety of chronic diseases. So, we have a few tricks that may help to reduce your craving to smoke. Avoiding cigarettes has become a more difficult task.…

Four Herbal Teas for Younger Looking Skin

Do you want to keep your skin looking young, healthy, and beautiful? Most people would love to have younger looking skin. However, with age, we notice that our skin becomes thinner, less firm, and starts to show the first signs…