How Raising Kids Today Puts Them in a Straightjacket

Let's not suffocate our children. Let's raise them to be happy and let them be free.
How Raising Kids Today Puts Them in a Straightjacket

Last update: 28 March, 2019

The modern way of raising kids focuses on analyzing and organizing every little detail of our little ones’ lives. There’s no margin for improvising, savoring, or living like a real kid. It’s true that kids learn very quickly. After all, it’s a fundamental age for acquiring knowledge that will help them in the future.

However, something else is much more important: being happy.

The modern way of raising kids is limiting

The modern way of raising kids is limiting

The way we raise our children today, the parents are the ones that are most at fault when it comes to our kids not fully enjoying their childhood.

With tedious after school classes, activities and a strict routine, our kids learn early on what responsibility, a fixed schedule, and little (or no) free time feels like.

Education – or rather, the acquisition of concepts – comes first, at the expense of personal development.

Kids don’t get bored. However, boredom, playing, and having time to “waste” are three things that adults see as bad things but that actually encourage creativity. However, this is creativity that may be demanded of our kids tomorrow. It’s a quality that’s very necessary in today’s world.

But, if everything is rules and organization from the very beginning, if they don’t play now, when will they?

Characteristics of suffocating parents

Suffocating parents

As parents, sometimes we don’t realize that we’re making our kids live just like us. Have we forgotten our own childhood so soon?

That’s why it’s important for us to do a little self-criticism so we can evaluate if we’re a suffocating parent and are sucking the life out of our children’s lives by organizing every minute.

Suffocating parents control their children’s lives. They have soccer at this time, violin at that time, snacks at 3…There’s no room to wonder what to do, get distracted, and not think about anything.

Every minute is scheduled.

They forget about their children’s dreams. They don’t care what their kids want. Their dreams have to fit into what their parents want.

For example, they don’t care if their child doesn’t like their guitar classes. If one parent didn’t finish their guitar classes, he makes his kid fulfill his own dreams.

Values turn into a doctrine that can’t be doubted or thought through. These parents don’t tolerate their children thinking different than them.

Their children aren’t seen as people, but as valuable possessions to be molded into their own image and likeness so they can be overnight successes.

Kids’ freedom

Let kids be free and be bored if necessary

We must let our kids be free. We must let them figure things out and let their creativity out. Therefore, it’s important for them to get bored, wander, play, and learn from their relationships with others.

If there’s one thing we should never do, it keeps our children from thinking for themselves and making them believe that everything we say is true and that they can’t have an opposing opinion.

If there’s one thing we as adults know, it is that people view the world differently and that differences of perspective and opinions actually enrich life.

Let’s not try to raise perfect children. Let’s allow our children to make mistakes, learn from them, fall and get back up and discover what they like. It’s our job to support them.

However, above all else, let’s give our kids love. Let’s spend quality time with them and do fun things with them.

Let’s never throw away their hopes or dreams and try to replace them with our own beliefs and prejudices. Thus, if your child wants to do ballet, let him! If he also wants to sing or ride horses, let him.

We’re not here to limit them, because that doesn’t do any good. They have to experiment and live life to the max.

Open parenting is key

Who knows what the future holds. However, we do know what the present holds, childhood, love, understanding, fun, and joy.

Let’s not suffocate our children. Instead, let’s raise them to be happy and let them be free.

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