Quit Eating These 7 Cancer-Causing Foods!

Nutrition plays an essential role in health. There are many healthy foods that offer many important health benefits and protect the body against disease. However, there are also less than healthy foods that can introduce dangerous substances into the body and cause serious diseases, like cancer.

Cancer-causing foods are found in many different diets and many people are unaware of the damage they are doing to their health each time they choose to consume them. In this article, we’re going to reveal 7 highly carcinogenic foods that you need to eliminate from your diet immediately.

Microwave Popcorn

Microwave popcorn contains dangerous substances inside the bag that create perfluorooctanic acid during the microwave cooking process.

The solution?

If you’re a popcorn lover that enjoys munching on popcorn while watching a movie, try making it at home with organic corn and vegetable oil. It’s healthy, economical and very easy to make.

Dried Meat

Dried meat has been promoted in the past few years as a healthy snack, full of protein. This was enough to convince many consumers; however, various studies have confirmed that this type of meat contains nitrites, which have been shown to contribute to cancer. Nitrites are what keeps the meat looking fresh for months on the shelves.

The solution?

Avoid dried meats and try to eat only meat from grass-fed cattle.

Canned Foods


Many studies have found canned foods can be carcinogenic due to a compound called bisphenol-A (BPA) that is found in the lining of cans. There is currently no unanimous opinion on whether there is enough BPA in canned foods to cause cancer or if it is transferred to the food inside.

The solution?

Reduce your consumption of canned foods and try to purchase products that are labelled as BPA-free.

Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically modified foods are altered at the genetic level and are subjected to herbicides and pesticides during cultivation that can affect the quality of the product without the consumer noticing. The chemical compounds found in these foods are related to cancer and other diseases.

The solution?

Support local farmers and buy only organic foods.

Carbonated Drinks


Carbonated drinks seem really refreshing when we’re hot and thirsty. However, they’re not healthy and contain over 8 packets of sugar per serving, in addition to several chemical compounds related to cancer. Agent 4-MI (4-metilimidazol), which gives cola drinks their characteristic brown color, has been associated with cancer in thousands of individual cases. These drinks also contain high fructose corn syrup which helps feed cancer cells.

The solution?

Avoid drinking carbonated beverages and choose water or natural juices instead.

“Light” or Diet Foods

Many people believe that consuming foods labeled as “light” will lead to a healthy, balanced diet. The sad truth is these foods are just lower in sugar and fats and don’t really contribute to weight loss. They also contain substances like artificial sweeteners that may be related to a higher risk of cancer.

The solution?

Follow a healthy diet rich in fruits, grains and vegetables.


It’s easy to grab a quick snack when we’re hungry and need something to get us through the day. However, the fried snacks available in supermarkets and stores contain carcinogenic compounds that form when the food is subjected to the high temperatures necessary for frying. This compound, known as glycidamide, forms as a result of the metabolism of acrylamide, another substance produced from the high temperatures of frying.

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