A Quick and Easy Endive Pomegranate Salad Recipe

Endive pomegranate salad is rich in high-quality fiber and antioxidants that can help improve your health.
A Quick and Easy Endive Pomegranate Salad Recipe

Last update: 27 April, 2021

Endive pomegranate salad is a dish that you can routinely include in your diet. It provides essential micronutrients, as well as antioxidants that could help keep you healthy. The best part about it is that it’s easy to make.

In this article, we’ll share the recipe for this yummy salad. But you first have to know that the quality of a diet depends on its energy balance and variety. In other words, it’s important for you to get the calories you need to avoid excess weight, as well as to eat foods from different groups to ensure adequate nutrient intake.

Endive pomegranate salad

Before you get down to work making this endive pomegranate salad, it’s important for you to know its health benefits. Firstly, the antioxidant power of pomegranate stands out.

This fruit contains anthocyanins, a phytonutrient pigment. Experts discovered that phytonutrients can prevent the development of chronic diseases.

This is because they can neutralize free radical formation, thus modulating tissue and organ oxidation and inflammation. This property is essential to slow down aging.

A pomegranate.
Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and, thus, prevent oxidative stress and premature aging.

On the other hand, we must mention the fiber endive provides. Fiber is an indigestible substance that can improve digestive system health.

Firstly, it’s able to prevent constipation by increasing the size of the fecal bolus. In addition, as a study published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition states, its regular intake protects against colon cancer.

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  • 1 endive
  • 1 pomegranate
  • One garlic clove
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Vinegar
  • Salt


The first thing to do is wash the endive well to remove any dirt. Then, cut it into small pieces and add to a mixing bowl.

Open the pomegranate. It’s a very simple step. Simply cut it in half with a knife and extract all the seeds, which is the edible part. Then, place them in the mixing bowl, over the endive.

Now you have to make the dressing, the secret of almost any salad. To do this, mince the garlic clove and place it in a glass. Then add some fine salt and a dash of olive oil.

In addition, it’s also important to add a couple of tablespoons of wine vinegar and stir everything. After you finish the dressing, pour it over the salad.

Another endive pomegranate salad recipe

If you liked the previous recipe, we encourage you to try this one out as well. Although it contains more calories, it’s also much tastier. You’ll need black pepper to make it. This spice has been shown to be able to stimulate fat oxidation, as it contains capsaicin.

A cut up pomegranate.
Adding pepper and toasted corn makes this salad a lot tastier.


  • Endive
  • Toasted corn
  • 1 pomegranate
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Vinegar
  • Berry jam
  • Salt
  • Ground black pepper


Again, you need to start by washing the endive and cutting it into small pieces. Place the pieces in a bowl. Then, extract the pomegranate seeds again like we explained above and place them in the bowl, over the endive.

After that, add a handful of toasted corn, previously crushed in a mortar, to add a crunchy touch.

Now you need to make the dressing. To do this, add a dash of olive oil, two tablespoons of vinegar, a teaspoon of jam, and salt and pepper to a container.

When this mixture is emulsified, pour it over the salad. So it’s ready to eat, you should stir it to ensure that all the endive leaves soak the flavor of the dressing.

Endive pomegranate salad, a healthy dish

As you’ve seen, endive pomegranate salad is very easy and quick to make. You can serve it as an appetizer or as a side to a protein food, such as meat or fish.

It provides antioxidant phytonutrients and a good dose of fiber, essential to ensure proper digestive system functioning.

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