Products We've Been Peeling Wrong for Years

Peeling incorrectly can stop us from getting the most out of our food and adds to cooking time. Learn how to use products more efficiently and effectively.
Products We've Been Peeling Wrong for Years

Last update: 29 March, 2019

Think about the products that we’ve been peeling wrong all our life: food that we’ve wasted and sometimes food that infuriates us because we don’t know how to peel or cut well.

It’s the weekend. We can finally enjoy our home and our home-cooked food. This is our moment. We look for recipes in our cookbook, and we highlight one that we’ve really been looking forward to cooking. Then we carefully read the steps that we need to follow in order to cook the meal:

Suddenly, a thought crosses our mind; “I don’t have much time to spare, and now I have to peel and cut all this in order to eat.”

How have we been peeling wrong?

The most efficient way of peeling food isn’t always the traditional way, as is the case with other daily tasks that we could do better.

In fact, we’re going to give you some examples of some cases of food that we have peeled badly all our life. Additionally, we will give you some advice on how to correct these mistakes.

Use your creativity. For instance, you don’t always need to use a knife to peel something.

1. Get rid of the smell of garlic when you peel it

Garlic peeling incorrectly

If you are used to holding garlic with your hands in order to clean it with a knife, you may have noticed that its smell sticks to your hands almost permanently.

If you want to clean garlic well,  put it in a closed container and shake it. With this simple movement, you will achieve your goal much more quickly, comfortably and cleanly.

2. Put an end to wasting potatoes

The conventional way of tackling a potato is cold. However, due to its toughness and the firmness between the pulp and the skin, it’s not convenient peeling it the way we have always peeled it.

Instead, slightly cut the potatoes first, and then put them in boiling water. After this, you will be surprised at the result, as you will be able to take off the skin of the potato easily.

3. Peeling eggs wrong

peeling a hard boiled egg

How many times have you found eggshell in your food?  This happens because our hands aren’t as foolproof as we thought they were.

Try this and see how easy it is to peel eggs: take off a bit of the shell at the top of the egg and blow through the opening that you made. This is how you get a flawless boiled egg.

4. Don’t fight with nuts: wet them or toast them

Almonds are a clear example of how it’s a hassle to work with nuts. Even if the nuts you have bought are already peeled, you’ll see that it has a thin layer which makes it difficult to cook.

There are two options to solving this problem: wash them or toast them. Your choice will depend on whether you prefer to eat the fruit completely raw or not.

5. Peeling tomatoes is easy: play with the water temperature

Peel tomatoes easily

This method is similar to how you peel a potato. The skin of the tomato sticks firmly to its pulp. This is why, if we peel it using the method that we’ve always used, we encounter problems and even find ourselves in despair.

The most practical way is the following: make tiny cuts on the top of the tomatoes and poach them. After this, put them in a pan of ice so they don’t cook.

You’ll easily be able to take off the skin of the tomato by following this method.

6. Substitute a knife for a glass when dealing with firm fruit

Kiwis and mangoes are some of the most difficult fruits to peel: they contain so much juice, that a lot of it squirts at us when we hold on to them, and this juice is, therefore, wasted.

Instead of peeling them in the traditional way, cut them in half and use the mouth of a glass to peel them. The flesh and juice will fall in the glass. Moreover, you won’t get any mess on you and you’ll get the most out of the fruit nutritionally.

7. The perfect tangerine in three cuts

tangerine in three cuts

Tangerines have a strong smell. However, there is another way to peel them, other than the traditional way, which gets the smell of tangerine on our hands: cut the fruit three times, like in the photo above, and you will see how it opens smoothly like a book.

8. Peel bananas like you’re opening a bag of Cheetos

The traditional way to peel a banana is to start at the point where you’ve separated the banana in question from the other bananas.

However, this is the slowest way of doing this. Instead of following this method, move down to the lower part of the banana and place your fingers as if you’re about to open up a bag of chips.

With this single step, you will have peeled the banana.

Stop peeling wrong

Taking all this into account, we realize that we sometimes do daily tasks the hard way, like cutting or peeling wrong.

This is why the best approach is to be open to new methods so that you can avoid mistakes like peeling wrong or inefficiently.

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