Preventing Damage Caused by Humidity

Is damage caused by humidity wreaking havoc on your health and home? Don't worry, there's a solution! Today's article contains some recommendations to reduce humidity in your home.
Preventing Damage Caused by Humidity

Last update: 10 September, 2021

Damage caused by humidity is a problem in many households. Indeed, water is an invaluable resource, but excessive moisture can cause health problems. This is why we’ve dedicated today’s article to tell you more about how to deal with this problem in your home.

A study presented to the Polytechnic University of Valencia indicates that the first step to getting rid of humidity is to determine the origin. This is because it’s essential for determining the kind of problem you’re dealing with.

Condensation and humidity

Moisture appears in various forms around a house. An article in INVI magazine compiles the various types of household dampness, depending on their origin:

  • From floors
  • Accidental
  • Atmospheric
  • Due to construction
  • Condensation

The authors of the article mentioned above state that moisture due to condensation is both a cause and effect of the production of organic processes. They also indicate it doesn’t only endanger people’s health but damages the integral materials of a dwelling.

Black mold in a wall.
Mold is due to humidity, as it promotes the growth of these microorganisms.

What causes humidity?

Condensation humidity happens when air agglomerations filled with vapor lower their temperature to the dew point when they come into contact with cold surfaces inside the house.

The aforementioned article in the INVI Journal proposes a method with which to calculate the dew point of vapor-laden air masses inside homes. To do so, the authors state, it’s enough to link the following variables through specific formulas:

  • Vapor pressure
  • Indoor air temperature
  • Saturation pressure

Ways to deal with damage caused by humidity

Black spots on the ceiling or walls of your home might indicate the presence of mold. In addition, be wary if there are steam or water droplets on the windows and a strong musty smell, as there’s a good chance that moisture from condensation is invading your home.

Don’t worry though, there are possible solutions.

1. Dry clothes outdoors

It’s common to air dry clothes indoors on rainy or cold days, and this can generate humidity in certain zones.

Thus, it’s better to dry them in well-ventilated outdoor spaces, whenever possible, to prevent moisture from condensation.

2. Ventilate rooms

Likewise, it’s common for mold to form in the innermost rooms of the house. This is why you must open the windows of your home for 10 minutes at least twice a day.

3. Insulate windows, ceilings, and walls

Perhaps the most effective way to prevent humidity inside your home is to insulate windows, ceilings, and walls. In addition, a thermal insulation system can help you:

  • Maintain healthier and cleaner air inside the house
  • Keep the outside air from going in
  • Keep the interior temperature stable
  • In addition, prevent heat leaks

4. Use dehumidifiers to prevent damage caused by humidity

This will allow you to reduce the humidity density of your home, besides preventing the erosion of metal elements that humidity could damage.

A room with a dehumidifier.
Dehumidifiers are technological devices that can maintain a home dry.

5. Balancing indoor and outdoor temperatures

Lastly, this type of humidity will increase if the temperature inside the home is higher than outside. Therefore, try to keep the indoor temperature around 69 degrees Fahrenheit.

The damage caused by humidity in your health

Finally, in one study on humidity, researchers warn about the strong relationship between health and humidity. According to them, living or workings in a damp dwelling increases your chances of respiratory problems, among others.

Major ailments include asthma, sore throats, and colds. In addition, humidity can lead to feelings of extreme fatigue and cause headaches.

Thus, specialists recommend avoiding humid environments. Meanwhile, it’s important to resort to the appropriate procedure to solve moisture problems.

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