Practicing Yoga with Your Significant Other

Yoga doesn't only provide benefits at an individual level. In fact, jointly practicing yoga with your significant other will greatly benefit you both physically and psychologically!
Practicing Yoga with Your Significant Other

Last update: 10 October, 2019

Have you ever thought about practicing yoga with your significant other?

For those who still don’t know what yoga is, it’s an Indian calming and toning practice that’s a great escape from stress. It can improve your health both physically and mentally. Stick around as we’re about to tell you more about the benefits it’ll bring to you both.

The benefits of practicing yoga with your significant other can be found at many levels. It’s a great activity to do together and take gain a lot from the discipline it requires.

Practicing yoga with your significant other

We live in a time of constant stress and we rarely have time for ourselves. That’s why we often don’t even have time to nurture our romantic relationships. Thus, we accumulate stress and this can damage our relationship.

It’s great to do something positive together because you get the same benefits you would at an individual level but together. In this regard, yoga can be the ideal practice for you both. Actually, it’s a discipline that improves both mental and physical wellbeing.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • It helps improve mental health and improves our concentration so it leads to relaxation and inner peace,
  • It provides many physical benefits as it helps improve cardiovascular health, flexibility, strength, and endurance.

Also, practicing yoga with your significant other can strengthen your relationship in many ways.

The benefits of practicing yoga with your partner

1. Yoga fosters trust and teamwork

A woman stretching over a man's back.
By doing yoga as a couple you’ll both focus on your poses and work as a team.

Every time you hold a yoga pose, you’ll have to support each other. Therefore, getting in the right position requires teamwork. This is one of how yoga as a pair will help you complement each other. You’ll also have to trust that the other person will do their part to support each other. Finally, you’ll both achieve the same goal.

This, of course, translates into an exercise of mutual trust and safety that can strengthen your relationship.

Also, you can leave your differences at the door when you do yoga together. You’ll be a team working towards the same goal together. To do this, you must relax, concentrate, empathize, and leave any anger behind to achieve your objective.

2. It improves your nonverbal communication

Mutual understanding is essential when doing yoga as a couple. After all, there must be communication and understanding to do so. In this regard, yoga will help you develop or enhance your non-verbal communication.

Actually, these are essential elements you’ll need to achieve the necessary rapport that this discipline requires. Also, these elements will have a positive impact on your life together.

3. It will foster close ties

A couple standing on one foot.
Yoga techniques promote communication and physical contact.

The relaxation you’ll both have at all levels during the yoga session will also create a unique environment that undoubtedly invites you to strengthen the ties between you. So, you’ll feel calm and serene after yoga class, and you’ll have more empathy because you’ll be relaxed.

As you can see, reaching that state together will make you feel closer to one another. It’s a state of mental and physical relaxation that’s ideal to strengthen your bond.

4. Practicing yoga with your other half promotes physical contact

We all need physical contact with the people we love. This is why yoga is an ideal discipline for couples. It invites physical contact when you’re both in a state of special relaxation.

Also, this contact is based on your rapport, as it’s necessary to achieve the various yoga poses. Thus, this contact helps lead you to understand your own body and the body of your significant other. You’ll, therefore, connect at a physical level.

What are you waiting for?

These are only four of the many benefits that practicing yoga with your partner can bring to your relationship. There are many more. After all, when there are benefits at an individual level, they also translate to the way you relate with others.

Also, yoga is a discipline that has no limits. Therefore, anyone can do it. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or whether you’re fit or not. Any couple can benefit from it and strengthen their relationship (and their bodies)!

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