Possible Symptoms of Cancer (for Women)

· July 10, 2014

Do you know the symptoms of cancer, or how cancer starts to form? After the jump we’ll show you how to detect the signals that’ll help you avoid cancer if it’s about to develop. Don’t miss it!

As we have recommended many times and as we’re sure you’ve heard in all of your health centers or campaigns around the world, prevention is the best way to cure an illness. Through some simple and painless exams, you can detect cancer in time and prevent it from spreading to other organs in your body.

In the case that you come to have these symptoms, we recommend that you don’t panic, since it’s not necessarily true that you have cancer. This is simply a guide to signals that could alert you so that you pay attention to certain signs and see your doctor if you find them. Your doctor will have routine exams that will let you know for sure if you have cancer or not. If you do have positive results from the test, you still shouldn’t despair. In this case, you should feel fortunate that you were able to detect the disease in time and that your treatment should now be easier and more effective than it would have been if the disease had progressed further.

Rapid weight loss, without apparent reason

If you lose a significant amount of weight, without any reason, and you haven’t made any diet or exercise changes recently, you should make sure to go to your doctor, because this is a signal of possible pancreas, stomach, esophagus, or lung cancer.

Mouth ulcers that don’t heal

If you suffer from frequent mouth ulcers on your lips and gums, and they persist for more than three weeks, you should talk to a doctor, because although these types of mouth ulcers are quite common, ones that last longer than two or three days are a cause of concern. When these mouth lesions stop healing quickly, it’s a sign that there is a serious irritation on your mouth tissues which without a doubt should be treated.

Frequent fevers

Symptoms of Cancer

The majority of people who suffer from any type of cancer suffer from fevers regularly, especially people who have some sort of cancer that affects the immune system. You should keep in mind that everybody has fevers from time to time, it only becomes a problem when they’re very frequent.

Frequent abdominal issues

The abdominal issues could be pain, swelling, a sensation of fullness, change in your intestinal habits such as frequent diarrhea or constipation without an apparent reason, rectal bleeding, or streaks of dark-colored blood in your fecal matter. You should consult with a doctor about any of these symptoms because even if it isn’t intestinal cancer, they are all indicative of some sort of problem.

Permanent cough

Cancer Signs

If you have a strong cough that persists longer than two weeks, whether it is a dry cough or if it comes with expectoration, or if you there are any spots of blood in your phlegm, or if your voice is rough and scratchy regularly, you could potentially have lung cancer. If you notice any of these symptoms you should go to a specialist immediately.

Skin changes

If you notice any changes in the cover of you skin, any spots that you did not have before, if you notice new moles or changes in the moles that you have, strong itching, spots of dead skin, or any unprovoked bleeding, or any unusual changes in your skin, you should consult with a dermatologist as soon as possible, since skin cancer often starts in this manner.


Leukoplakia is the appearance of white patches in the mouth or on the tongue that can be caused by frequent irritation, previous injury, or the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol. These lesions should be treated as soon as possible, because they can develop into oral cancer.

Repeated, unusual bleeding

Blood in the urine could be a sign of bladder or kidney cancer, blood in the feces could indicate colon or intestinal cancer, spots of blood in the phlegm could mean lung cancer, and an abnormally large or frequent amount of vaginal bleeding is a signal of uterine or cervical cancer.

Bleeding without cause could be the sign of oncoming cancer, but it could also be the sign of cancer that’s already started, and so you should always see a doctor as soon as you spot any sign of a serious problem.

Enlargement or lumps in a breast


These growths can appear for different reasons, and so it’s very important that you talk to a specialist when you encounter any kind of abnormality in this area of your body. If you need to treat breast cancer, it has a far better chance of being cured the earlier that you treat it. The exam to determine breast cancer is usually a mammogram, which is very simple, completely painless, and over in about five minutes, so you have no excuse for doing this exam every year.

How can we prevent cancer?

The most important thing to keep in mind in the fight against cancer is to have a good diet, which is always rich in fruits and vegetables, in addition to eating foods that are high in fiber, which will improve your digestion and prevent colon cancer. You should drink at least eight glasses of water a day, so that you can make sure that your kidneys are function correctly and avoid grave complications like bladder or kidney cancer. If you choose to go outside for a period of time, even when the sun isn’t shining brightly, you should always make sure to use a good amount of sunscreen, in order to avoid skin cancer.

Another way to prevent cancer, in whatever part of your body, is to pay attention to all of the signals that we’ve outlined above, because your doctor can give you the necessary tests and exams to determine if your problems are cancer or not, and they can give you the treatment that is sure to give you the best results.