The Poor Man Lack a Lot, The Greedy Man Lacks Everything

· June 24, 2017
You're already happy. You're just looking for reasons not to be.

The poor man lacks a lot. He doesn’t enjoy a luxurious life and may not even have a roof over his head. However, the greedy man still may have it worse.

We’ve grown up in a consumerist world.

All you have to do is take a look at the ads and commercials that surround you. The latest cell phone, the car that no one even has yet…

What you have already is surely enough. However, you want more and more, and you don’t value what you do have.

The greedy person lacks because he doesn’t see what he has

We think we need things because that’s how we were taught to think. That car that just came out has something your car doesn’t. It may be the smallest, least important thing, but we think we need it.

We are self-centered and have a competitive spirit. We may feel satisfied when we get this new thing, but are we happy?

The poor are. It doesn’t matter to them that they’re living in the streets without anything to eat. Are they sad sometimes? Of course!

We’re emotional beings, and even if everything is going great, we’ll have our lows.

However, in spite of all of this, the poor know true happiness because they have learned to value the little they do have.

On the other hand, every day we see people who have millions, and many of us wish we were them.

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You can buy everything and there would still be more left to buy. Sometimes, however, you throw away your money because it’s the only thing you can do to stop thinking about the state you’re in.

Your soul must be nourished. Feed your soul with the truly good things.

Wanting and wanting more things won’t make you happy; it will take your eyes off what really deserves your attention: your inner self.

There’s no better teacher than life itself

You may already know all of this, but you keep tripping over the same stone. However, with every fall, you end up learning something.

There’s no better teacher than life itself.

Think of all those times we learned to see what we had only after we lost it. Plus, it probably won’t be the last time.

Let’s think about all the clothes we’ve bought ourselves and how bad we felt when we got home and looked at our empty wallet.

We do without thinking because we don’t observe, we just see.

Every time you wish you had a different life, you’re discounting everything you’ve accomplished and all the people who have been there along the way.

You’re actually happy already. However, you look for reasons to not be.

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Are you really worth more the more you have?

You think the more friends you have, the more you’re worth. The better your job, the more recognition you’ll get. These are the thoughts of a greedy person.

However, the worth that really matters is the one you give. Are some jobs better than others? Sure, there are harder ones that require more sacrifice.

However, never judge it by how it may look to the world looking in.

It’s time to start questioning everything you have believed up until now.

We’ve grown up in a society that instills certain values and beliefs in us, but that doesn’t mean they are good ones.

If you’re still not happy, it’s because you are keeping ideas in your head that you shouldn’t believe to be true. They may work for some people, but we’re all different.

Dreaming of winning the lottery, being rich, never having to worry about money again…That is your reality, your daily life.

However, even if things aren’t easy, there’s a spark of life.

After all, what would happen if you stopped worrying about all of this? What would happen if you didn’t have any problems and the world was your oyster?

You would go through life happy and at peace… But then?

We don’t see that everything bad that happens to us gives meaning to our existence. Without any problems, difficulties, or challenges, our life would mean nothing.

Don’t think like a greedy person. Think like a poor man. It will open up a whole new world.


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