Pineapple Enzymes Could Help Cure Cancer

· October 14, 2014

Pineapple is a well-known ingredient for diets rich in fiber. In addition to its fiber content, health-conscious people are also impressed by its diverse properties; one of its most important being its preventative ability in regards to contracting certain diseases related to cancer, especially those located in mammary glands, the rectum, or the colon.

What Is in Pineapples?

You can find fiber in pineapples, a lot of it. There are also a lot of vitamins, organic acids, and mineral salts. But the most important thing you find in pineapples is a special composite that works as an enzyme, known as bromelain.

What Is Bromelain and What Does it Do?

Bromelain is a natural composite and it can be extracted from the pineapple’s fruit. It has a fundamental function in treatments for diseases related to certain types of carcinomas, as well as offering anti-tumor effects.

In one study that compared the effect of bromelain with the medication used for chemotherapy, 5-fluorouracil, they found that, in accordance to the analyses they did on animals, the anti-tumor effect of bromelain surpassed that of 5-fluorouracil. 


There was also a discussion on what can be understood from the medication in question (5-fluoracil). Instead of improving the patient’s condition of life by responding to what the disease was affecting, it tracked the divided cells quickly, without separating the cancer cells and the other immunological and necessary cells. This is why it could be causing other cells and enzymes to be poisoned.

On the other hand, bromelain, being a natural composite, has a property that only natural composites have: selective cytotoxicity, which is what kills cancer cells without affecting other healthy cells.

Bromelain as an Enzyme

Even though talking about enzymes and their arrival in the blood stream seems so complicated, talking about bromelain helps you understand why this enzyme is so necessary for someone who has cancerous cells and their natural functions and also for people in general. What happens is that bromelain is an enzyme that digests proteins (a proteolytic) and brings them to the blood stream and the lymphatic system, where they offer support for the rest of the body.

The matter of enzymes and eating foods that contain them continues being a mystery in the scientific medicine world. However, they have managed to prove that they work. Not only the enzymes that are found in the body, but also the oral system enzymes are effective and are being used for the treatment of simple problems like sport injuries and other more complicated ones like cardiac diseases, bone diseases, and the matter at hand: cancer.

Our Recommendations…

Remember to be very consistent in your treatments and the processes and changes that occur in your cells and body. Enzymes that help fight cancer aren’t only found in pineapple. You can also help yourself by eating foods that contain vitamin C, turmeric extract, or beet extract.

Besides that, it is important to have a balanced diet by eating raw foods that reduce your body’s duty of producing enzymes. You will be able to use it for very important physiological processes, if your body needs less enzymes for the digestion process.



First and foremost, go for natural options. There won’t be a better effect in your cells than what natural composites produce. Pineapple enzymes can save your life. See your doctor and always be conscious of your risks and improvements.