Perfect Tricks to Boost Your Memory

· February 20, 2017
The brain has around a hundred billion neurons that, when connected to each other, form an amazing network of tremendous complexity. Learn how to maximize your brain with these incredible memory tips and tricks.

Humans think of themselves as being far superior to animals. But some birds can remember the exact place where they deposited their seeds several months earlier…And we easily forget almost any aspect of our daily lives.

The brain has around a hundred billion neurons that, when connected to each other, form an amazing network of tremendous complexity.

This immense connection is what makes memory possible, along with the ability to process and retain a lot of information.

Today, we’re going to look at some tips to improve your memory.


  • Stress is one of the main enemies of your memory. During stressful times, you need to relax, close your eyes, take deep breaths, and reconstruct whatever you were doing at the time you’re trying to remember.
  • Taking breaks while you study is another excellent tactic to remember things and settle what you’re learning.
  • If you’re studying and want to memorize everything, try to think using imagery and schematics. It will make it much easier to remember.
  • Memory is always associated with feelings, and in turn receives stimuli from them.
  • Why do those so-called “memory lapses occur? Usually they happen because you’re not paying attention.
  • Taking notes or writing down key points can help cement an idea in the mind as you write it down. It’s also helpful for reviewing everything at a later time.

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  • When you don’t understand a concept or an idea, it makes it harder to remember. When you make an effort to understand, however, a relationship is established between the elements that make up a concept, and that relationship unites and combines them into a logical set.
  • You can classify similar concepts to remember them better. For example, you can divide you to-do list into things to do at home, work issues, activities in your spare time, and so on. This information can be grouped into blocks or ordered items, even alphabetically if you wish.
  • It can also be very helpful to say things out loud. When you speak a word, you force yourself to remember how it’s said and that creates a memory of it.
  • When you learn something new, you have to associate it with what you already know. If you’re linking new ideas with stored memories, it’s much easier to code and retrieve that information because the association will provide you with a clue.
  • If you want to commit a person’s name to memory, for example, you can relate it to some feature of their appearance or anything else that comes to mind. Although the association might not be very logical, it will be easier to remember.
  • How can you consolidate the things you already know? One of the best techniques is to review what you’ve learned by explaining it to another person.

Still looking for even more tricks? Check out these interesting hacks:

Hacks to boost your memory

4-brain-is-a-puzzle1. The length of words and numbers

This is an ideal rule for memorizing long numbers. Replace each number with a word that contains that number of letters, and you’ll form a phrase.

The longer the number is, the more effective this trick is for your memory.

2. The fable hack

The key here is to invent a story that integrates the concepts or ideas that you want to remember.

Your mind can recall a story much better than individual words.

3. The chain

This is similar to the previous trick. Your brain recalls stories or absurdities much better than more logical ideas.

To remember a list or a concept, invent a story made up of words that don’t make much sense.

4. The first letter

The first letter of the word you want to remember can be used to construct a very simple phrase.

If you choose fancy or ironic words, it will be easier to remember. You can also invent a new word made up of the initials that you want to remember for later.

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5. The place rule

This technique is based on the association of a place and a known route.

When you’re trying to remember where things go in your house, for example, you can mentally sort the objects according to the rooms where they belong.

Try these hacks out. You’ll be amazed how well they can help boost your memory!