When Your Partner Wants to End Your Relationship, but You Don't

05 March, 2019
If your partner wants to end your relationship but you don't, read this article. We'll tell you what do to!

Sometimes we refuse to accept that it’s time to say goodbye to the person we love. You might cry, not eat, or not sleep, among other things. What should you do if your partner wants to end your relationship but you don’t? Discover it here!

Nowadays, relationships don’t last as long as they used to. Society has changed, which is why relationships have as well. In the past, although couples experienced difficult times, they tried to stay together and really took the phrase “Till death do us part” to heart.

Now, we’re more independent, which means that often one partner decides to break things off. Unrequited love is a difficult situation to deal with. When this happens, you might tend to think of all the time you’ve lost, the possible solutions, and how to live without your significant other.

Clues that Your Partner Wants to End Your Relationship

A couple with issues.

Is the person you love no longer happy with you? Here are six clues that your partner wants to end your relationship.

  1. They don’t show interest: They no longer show interest in spending time with you, they stand you up, or gives you excuses to wiggle out of commitments.
  2. Changes in communication: Your conversations no longer flow, they get annoyed when you tell them what’s happening in your life, and the only things they say to you are “good morning” and “good night”.
  3. They’re always fighting with you: Anything disgusts them and sparks a fight.
  4. You haven’t heard “I love you” in a while: They don’t tell you they love you anymore, or express their love with other words.
  5. You have less sex: Your sex life has become boring, you’ve realized they have sex with you pretty much to fulfill a commitment, and creativity has pretty much vanished from your love-making.

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What to Do

When love is dormant, it’s normal for you to fear that your partner wants to end your relationship. This is because it’s hard to say goodbye to the person you love.

Don’t blame yourself.

When one partner wants to break things off, it’s not just due to the other partner. There are many reasons why this happens. Beating yourself up and blaming yourself only increases your stress levels and will only make you feel sadder.

Don’t think negative thoughts about the future.

When a relationship ends, you may feel anguished because you believe that you can’t live without your partner. However, there’s no way to know what will happen in the future.

Pursue happiness.

The end of a relationship may be the beginning of a new, more satisfactory stage. Focus on activities that make you happy. You can also start working on plans that you had pushed to the back burner due to your relationship.

Don’t be their therapist.

Even if you think that your partner is just going through an existential crisis and only needs some time, you’re not the right person to solve their problems. It’s not productive to listen to every detail of their ambivalence or talk to them about your emotional pain.

Don’t chase after them.

A broken couple.

All human beings are entitled to their freedom and to be with the people they love without pressure. Your partner is no exception to this rule, and chasing them will just make them distance themselves more from you.

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When You Have to Say Goodbye

No couple knows if they’ll be together forever. It’s much better to say goodbye than to cling to a feeling that no longer serves any purpose.

Although at first you may have low self-esteem and feel empty, discouraged, and insecure, as time passes, that person’s absence will become more bearable and your life will start to make sense again. Let time heal your emotional wounds, thank your partner for everything you lived together, and open yourself up to new experiences.

If you believe that your partner wants to end your relationship, remember that they have every right to do so and even to stop loving you. You can’t live in the past. If the story you created together is over, it’s best to just move on.